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Review: Avengers vs. X-Men #5

Nick Furious 06/09/2012 Reviews

At the end of the last issue, these two superhero teams had just arrived on the moon to meet up with Wolverine and Hope, each with their own agenda.  They run at each other, primed for a new round of fighting. Though Hope begs them to stop as the Phoenix Force can be seen heading towards them in the distance, the ignore her.  Hope drops to her knees and screams for them to stop as fire erupts around them,burying them in flames. Wolverine gets the worst of it as Hope tells him she was wrong and the Phoenix Force is too much to handle. She tells Wolverine he needs to kill her and he needs to do it now!  Logan runs over to with claws out as Cyclops blasts him aside.  Welcome to Avengers vs. X-Men round 5.

(Be aware… If you haven’t read this issue yet, or picked up a recent copy of USA Today, this review contains spoilers.)

As the battle goes on, Stark and Pym are working on something to fight the Phoenix.  Stark says they will only have one shot at this and as always, they don’t have time to test device.  Any time anyone makes a comment like that it usually means things won’t go as planned, but best of luck to the both of them.  Back on the moon, the time for words is over as everyone is attacking each other.  Emma attempts to say something to Hawkeye only to have him tell her to “Shut the hell up”.  Gotta love Clint Barton and his comedic timing, or his tendencies to be an abrasive a-hole.  Either way, he’s awesome.  The issue cuts to other characters like Charles Xavier and his son as well as K’un Lun, among others, to show how incredible the Phoenix Force truly is.  A bit of foreshadowing as we see Scarlet Witch in agonizing pain, as I’m sure she will be around to do something completely insane again making everyone hate her even more.  Poor Wanda.

Stark shows up with his Transfomer-looking Phoenix Force fighting object while Cyclops and Captain America talk about trying to save the girl or the human race.  Honestly, this conversation has gotten old and it’s only been 5 issues. But keep in mind they also rehash this conversation in every tie-in issue so I have probably read that same kinda line in about 987 issues so far.  Stark heads into the Phoenix and he fires the disruptors, which apparently is something that no one has thought to do in the 30 years that the Phoenix has been around.  We cut to some of the worst art John Romita Jr. has had in this issue as it just so happens to be a full page spread, which Romita usually excels at.   There is discussion about Stark killing the Phoenix when he and his Optimus Prime remain unharmed.  Wolverine can’t see as the flames have burned his eyes and asks Cap where the girl is. Captain America turns around  and is both shocked and terrified to see the new host of the Phoenix Force, and it most certainly isn’t Hope.  The Phoenix Force had wanted Hope, but the Disruptors changed that, and it has chosen 5 hosts; Namor, Emma Frost, Cyclops, Colossus, and Magik.  (Damn the luck that Magneto didn’t make it on this moon mission!)  The five of them hover in front of Captain America holding Hope as they explain that there is nothing the Avengers or anyone can do to stop them.  The six of them then hurdle towards Earth as Hope realizes she wasn’t a messiah or a savior.  She was just a regular girl who happens to be a mutant.

Talk about a stellar follow up to issue 4!  Cyclops, who has easily become more of a tyrant than Magneto, now has the power to wipe out the world.  He has accomplished his goal of saving his race, but he will most likely destroy the planet!   These five people were already extremely powerful, but now, imagine their power combined with the Phoenix Force!  I just wish USA Today hadn’t ruined this for me as it would have been an awesome twist that I wouldn’t have expected.   Well, let’s cross our fingers for the world because as of right now there is an extremely pissed off Cyclops who is extremely displeased with humans and I would hate to stand in his path or be the person who tries to stop him.

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