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Review: Avengers vs. X-Men #3

Nick Furious 05/08/2012 Reviews

Wolverine wakes up naked and screaming, as Spider-Man points out that Logan has just spent the last hour regrowing his flesh that Hope burnt off.  Wolverine comments about how the Phoenix Force hasn’t even arrived yet, and she’s already more powerful than them.  Spider-Man informs Logan that Cyclops and his people surrendered to the Avengers, and Wolverine has to see this for himself.   We cut over to Iron Man and Cap having a discussion about what exactly the next move is, since they really don’t have anywhere to put the X-Men.  Iron Man tells Cap that they can’t just empty “The Raft” and put them in there.  Cap explains he is trying to save the world, even if it means locking up with X-Men.  Stark points out how it wasn’t too long ago he was saying something similar (Civil War), and that Cap wound up being against him on that issue, yet this is ok?  Wolverine runs towards both groups and yells that the Avengers have been played because the X-Men aren’t even actually there, and now Scott has a head start at finding Hope.

Welcome to Avengers vs. X-Men #3 

Scripted by: Brubaker

Pencils by: Romita Jr.

Inks: Hanna

Colors: Martin

The X-Men are trying to figure out where to go from here, they know they need a mutant locator, but the only one they can use is at Logan’s school.  Magneto suggests they try to find a sympathizer among Wolverines team, and Cyclops has just the person.  There is a reason Scott is a great leader– no matter what he always has a plan.  And when he doesn’t have a plan, he makes it seem like he does.  Hope, on her own now, works on some devices that are on her wrists. She comments about Cable teaching her, but we still aren’t sure exactly what, but we can pretty much assume it is a cloaking device of some sort since she is on the run.

Cut to Cap and Logan talking to Rachel Summers, who points out Cerebra is showing five different locations (now we know what she put on her wrists…maybe).    Cap finally points out that Wolverine isn’t on the same page about what to do with Hope, when suddenly they find her.  Wolverine explains it’s the only way, and Cap doesn’t seem to agree, but we move on to Cap explaining where each Avenger will go and who will go with them.  At the end Captain America points out Wolverine is sticking by his side.  Wolverine is suspicious of going with Cap, but he reluctantly goes along.  The ship takes off and heads to The Savage Land.  Cap pulls Logan aside and explains that it’s his fault Hope left.  He further explains she ran away because she was scared, and rightfully so.  But Cap isn’t mad he scared Hope, but he is pretty pissed that Wolverine didn’t follow orders and attempted to kill Hope.  They argue for awhile, and then Cap realizes that Wolverine is more of a threat than a teammate on this mission.  Cap slugs Wolverine in the mouth.

Captain America vs. Wolverine starts up, as Wolverine can’t believe Cap would even attempt to take on Wolverine.  Cap tells them he has no doubt that he can and will beat Wolverine.  To recap this fight, Steve dodges a lot of stabs and Wolverine gets hit in the face with Cap’s shield multiple times.  Finally Wolverine gets a slice on Steve, and the battle is about to go into overdrive when Gaint Man smashes his fist into Wolverine– crushing him, followed by a face full of Vibranium Steel, as Cap plows his shield into Wolverine’s face and Sharon Carter opens the air lock and throws Wolverine off the jet.  As we end the issue we see Wolverine walking through snow as he realizes he is in this thing alone.

Ok so Storm is officially on the X-Men team once again as she is shown fleeing with Cyclops and his team.  Wolverine is on his own, and the Avengers are sprawled out all over the world looking for Hope.   I’m hoping that Wolverine eventually teams back up with the X-Men, because having him on their side would do wonders for any shot they have of beating the Avengers.   Iron Man and Cap having a difference of opinion was interesting, as was Iron Man referencing Cap and his Secret Avengers.   Could sides still change?  Will we see Avengers join with the X-men or vice versa?   Hmmm… something to think about until next week.


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  1. Brady J. Frey 05/08/2012 at 7:25 am

    I know he's a good guy, and well loved, but I've been disappointed that Romita Jr. is penciling this. His work always strikes me as lazy, samey faces, hurried, and unpolished. It's ruining the story for me.

  2. Nick Furious 05/09/2012 at 11:43 am

    It is strange Marvel refers to him as being a "fan favorite" while nearly everyone that talks about him seems to say negative things. You are not alone sir lots of people feel that way.

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