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Review: Avengers #19 – INFINTY Tie-In

Comic Booked Guest Writer 09/15/2013 Reviews

Tie-in issues to major comic publisher’s events usually fall into two categories. Sometimes they are amazing issues that compliment the main event, and make you wish that they were included in the main story. Other times they are fluff; nothing more than a chance for a company to cash in a little bit more. This issue falls into the latter category.

If you have not been reading Avengers since the beginning of Hickman’s run or even Infinity, there is no way you will comprehend this issue. It builds and expands upon the character development that Mr. Hickman has been building for 19 issues. It’s a very dialogue-heavy issue which could basically be summed up as “The Avengers talk to Aliens!”

Captain AmericaThis issue follows two storylines. Captain Marvel and her division of Avengers have been captured. They’re locked up, and they struggle with coming up with new ways to escape. On the flip side, Captain America and Thor debate with the Galactic Council. Captain America slams down an epic “America knows how to run everything better” speech. While the other members of the Council curse humans, and call us a backwards planet.

The highlight to this issue is the fantastic art by Leinil Yu. I loved his art ever since Superman Birthright, and he knocks it out of the park here. His Captain Marvel is a sight to be seen, and has even given me the idea that I would love to see him be a regular artist on that book. Some readers might have a problem with the way that he draws one of the scenes though. In a scene where Ex Nihilia interrogates Captain Marvel. she caresses Carol Danvers while striking a pose that is a little too sexual. I personally found no offense with the panel, but some could have a problem with it.

I didn’t hate Avengers #19 as much as it might sound like I did. Although, when you’re reading an epic story of cosmic space proportions like Infinity, it’s very jarring to hit a road block on the way to story enjoyment. This issue read like many of the past Bendis Marvel event tie-in issues. An issue that you could take out of the event, and no one would notice. I don’t know about you, but when I read my comics, I like all the issues and stories to matter. With prices at $3.99 or more for a single comic, I like to know my time is being well spent.

If you’ve been loving what Jonathan Hickman has been doing with the Avengers then this book is for you. If this is your first time in an Avengers rodeo, then STAY AWAY. Then come back in six months, and buy the trade. It’ll probably read better that way.

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