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REVIEW: Amazing Spider-Man #686 PLUS #700 News!

Skott Jimenez 05/31/2012 ZDONOTUSE

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #686 Ends Of The Earth, Part 5

Written by: Dan Slott

Art by: Stefano Caselli


As we speed to the end of this epic story it seems all hope is lost. Doc Ock has unleashed his doomsday device and burned Symkaria, Silver Sable’s homeland, to the ground!

Or so it seems…Amazing Spider-Man

As Sable is breaking down and Black Widow is trying to get Spider-Man to leave to prevent this from happening to the other half of the world we begin to learn that not everything is as it seems, which is always the case when Mysterio is involved. That’s right, True Believers, the whole thing was faked. Heat lamps, holograms, pyro, and 40 actors are what it took to make is seem like Ock finally did it and killed countless people.

We, the readers know this, but it takes our web-slinging hero a bit longer to figure it out, and also the help of Doc Ock himself who is less than pleased when he learns that the Chameleon has taken his form and attacked Spider-Man and Company. It was a great twist because I’m sure everyone, myself included, thought Ock had finally crossed the line and made his statement like no way before!

Beyond the pure fun this entire issue was, it was also a great experiment in characterization. We see Silver Sable react very violently in reaction to believing everything and everyone she knew and loved was dead, we also see Spider-Man using Mysterio’s twisted logic to get him on their side and try to stop Doctor Octopus, something he does actually agree to do until they come face to face with the All-New Sinister Six: The Avengers!

Dan Slott keeps turning up the dial in this story. Every new part is more exciting and fantastic than the previous issue. This man certainly doesn’t recognize the glass ceiling!

Amazing Spider-ManOne more issue of this story to go and I can’t even guess where this is going to end. However, it seems that this story, as well as the upcoming stories featuring The Lizard, Morbius, Hobgoblin and others, are all leading up to the big Amazing Spider-Man #700 due out later this year. In a recent interview on CBR, writer Dan Slott had the following to say about the big issue:

“What happens in #700 — everything I’ve written my entire career in comics, nothing has had this big an effect on a character than what happens in “Spider-Man” #700. Other creators will say, “This will break the Internet in half,” and “This will do this” and “This will do that” — this is for real! This is my biggest whack at the comic book piñata. I’m breaking it and all the candy’s coming out. It’s not going back together. Something really seismic is going to happen in “Amazing Spider-Man” #700. So, you’re going to have “AvX” happen and shortly after, “Amazing Spider-Man” #700 and the Marvel Universe that you’re going to see after that — it’s not a reboot. There is no reboot. But the effects of “AvX” and the event that happens in “Spider-Man” #700 are so big that you’ll be looking at quite a different landscape after the seismic changes, he said, jiggling his neck fat.

Of the things said here, probably the biggest news is there will be NO REBOOT. There have been rumors, unfounded and unsourced, claiming the current AvX story was going to be Marvel’s way of rebooting their universe the way DC did last year.

This is spectacular news and now the question is: What is Amazing Spider-Man going to be like after #700? What candy is going to fall out of the broken comic book pinata? Will Peter Parker still be Spider-Man? Better still, will he still be the 616 Spider-Man or will we have a new, Ultimate Spider-Man in the 616? We’ve only 13 issues to go before we find out but until then, keep an eye out here for news and previews!

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