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Review: Amazing Spider-Man #685

Skott Jimenez 05/04/2012 Reviews

Amazing Spider-Man #685
Ends Of The Earth, Part 4
Written by: Dan Slott
Art by: Humberto Ramos
Inks: Victor Olazaba 

Spider-Man, Silver Sable, and Black Widow are still traveling around the world trying to prevent Doctor Octopus from launching his satellites and, according to the Doc, saving the world from global warming. Something these heroes, naturally, don’t buy.

While wrapping up a fight in North Korea with Rhino, our heroes are met head on with S.H.I.E.L.D. who, along with most of the rest of the world, thinks Spider-Man and Co. are acting like terrorists and are there to arrest them!

Meanwhile, the remaining members of the Sinister Six are wondering why they should continue this thing when theySpider-Man already have what they want. Ock has his own motives and sets out to replace his fallen teammates, Electro and Sandman, by reaching out to villains around the world. This is where the international scope of the story really begins to be felt. Characters from around the world become involved, as Russia’s Titanium Man informs Black Widow of Ock’s plan, which inspires Spider-Man to do the same, only with the heroes around the world. This brings in Union Jack (England), Kangaroo (Australia), Titanium Man (Russia), Sabra (Israel), and Big Hero 6 (Japan) who all join Spider-Man’s fight. (The successes and failures of these characters are told later this month in the Ends Of The Earth one-shot.)

In New York we see Mayor Jameson refusing to admit New York is at risk (his ego is amazing), and Mary Jane apparently still trying to get back with Peter and planning the “hero’s welcome” Spider-Man deserves after he saves the world.

Sadly, all these efforts and calls to arms are for nothing. Ock already has his satellites, and they are in place. Even worse: Spider-Man was right– Doctor Octopus wasn’t planning to save the world… he’s planed something far worse. If he’s going to die he’s going to take at least half of the planet with him. He then fries the sun side of Earth. This causes massive destruction on a scale that is sure to be felt in other books (at least I’m hoping so). I’m curious as to how event and AvX will co-exist. Seems like Marvel’s Earth is going through a lot right now with heroes fighting heroes and Spider-Man fighting to save the earth!

Amazing Spider-ManDan Slott has hit another issue of Amazing Spider-Man out of the park, which is impressive since he’s been on this book, as the solo writer, since #648. He continues to one up himself to the point where we have to wonder if there’s even a ceiling that he can hit. I’m beginning to think he had that ceiling removed. As big and impressive as Spider-Island was, this is 5 times what that story was!

Along with Slott knocking it out of the park, let’s look at the guy who actually drew the park: Humberto Ramos. I’ve loved his art on this book since he started on it. It does nothing but get better, Ramos, along with Slott, have made this era of ASM stand out and fast become one of my all time favorite runs on this series.

I do have one, minor, gripe however. I’m tired of Spidey talking about his outfit and how it was made to counter all the members of the Sinister Six. I can understand, possibly, where this is going. Parker has begun to rely too much on technology since he started working at Horizon. For the most part I’ve liked the new outfits he’s created, and it’s a great way to show readers what kind of genius Peter Parker really is. Not many people realize that, in terms of intelligence, in his own way Peter ranks up there with Tony Stark and Reed Richards. But I’m looking forward to him going back to basics and relying more on the training he received from Shang Chi during Spider-Island. But, as I said, this is a very minor gripe, and considering the situation, I doubt Spidey’s traditional costume would have survived this far into the story.

Epic story and off the chart art makes this story the perfect way for the comics’ world to celebrate Spider-Man’s 50th Anniversary. This title is why Spider-Man is the only character in comics to have the title of ‘Amazing!’


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