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Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #3

Tom Whitman 06/30/2014 Reviews

Black CatAmazing Spider-Man #3 begins the story with Cindy aka “SILK“, a newly introduced character who was apparently bitten by the same spider. Cindy is still mysterious and interesting thanks to a previously thought dead character. From there we move into Felicia Hardy”Black Cat” who is still seeking revenge, from the more recent hectic events of The Superior Spider-Man. Black Cat is becoming more of a hardened  antagonist, while Max Dillon’s “Electro” state of mind crumbles, Black Cats done stealing money to pay for her habits and is going to go straight to the source. While this is nothing big per say, but it does signify that she is having more of a direct criminal approach. I doubt Dan Slott is intentionally giving a homicidal vibe as the issue implies even in her revenge-fueled state, but she does allow a citizen to face moral peril as a result of her actions. She has always flirted with  these ideas, but never to this extent.This issue is mainly a deceleration of attaing lost respect, which does not make sense, as the character had little to none to begin with.   The confrontation  between her and Spider-Man replaces flirtatious dialogue with verbal sparring and was a bit disorganized at points. When Spider-Man brings to light about his recent mind-swap with Dr. Octavius, Felicia was still indifferent to the matter entirely. As a spur of the moment Peter then falsely reveals that Dr. Octavius is still in control of his mind, she backs out of the fight, like a scarred cat. Further muddling both characters motivations, and intentions. The entire interaction

Black Fat fights Spidey

Black Cat fights Spidey

was confusing in all aspects.

Anna Maria Marconi  and Mary Jane also get some strong moments in this issue. In particular Anna gets more of a peek into her mental state. It is very clear Anna still loves Dr. Octavius in some way given the fact in a particular dark scene, she is digging around some of his old files. I wouldn’t be surprised in any way if she takes up the mantle of Doctor Octopus in some weird love based fantasy, or bring him back in some way. Regardless Anna is still a character to keep a close watch on as the series develops.

Humberto Ramos art is still keeping the lively and renewed feel following The Superior Spider-Man, and there is not much to say along the art. Except for the fact, that I like in particular is the Black Cat’s new costume design.  The new costume is resembling more of an actual Black Cat, and has toned down all the unnecessary sexuality and obscene cleavage. Her new weapon which acts as her tail is some kind of mechanical retracting whip, and she has these weird yellow eyes on her shoulder that looks just bad.

Overall this issue is crowded and confusing in some parts, but still sets a decent tone for character development and plot momentum . To be fair this is a once a month issue and Dan Slott has to give enough punch for the readers to enjoy. Spider-Man fans will enjoy it as I have.


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