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Alan Moore has been blowing up the Twitter feeds lately. More and more information is coming to light about  his dealings with Warner Brothers and DC. There are no easy answers in these debates and two sides to every story. What’s been most on my thoughts lately is that Alan’s day of writing ANY type of mainstream Comic Books is most likely at an end. At least any Marvel or DC characters.


Alan Moore is one of my favorite writers. His work on Swamp Thing, Watchmen and V for Vendetta transformed the comic book landscape for me. The comic creators responsible for  what I call  British Invasion of Comics  : Alan, Neil Gaiman, and Grant Morrison and Peter Milligan are  responsible for my most treasured and re-read comics. So what’s a Moore fan to do ?

Read Dodgem Logic Of course!

Calling Dodgem a magazine  of even a fanzine doesn’t really encompass all the different themes and stories it contains. This is an ADULT magazine. This doesn’t mean that the magazine is offensive or filled with nudity, it’s just the nature of the themes for a majority of the book are for adults. I’m grateful my local comic shop is carrying it. I’ve only been able to get Volume 2 and 3 so far but there is some great stuff in it.


If any of my reviews of these issues cause you to seek out and purchase some copies or even visit, Yogikai and Comic Booked cannot be responsible for the following side effects:

Civil Disobedience

Spontaneous Veganism

Mental Fatigue due to ingestion of Mind Blowing Theorems


Dodgem Logic succeeds on many levels as an outlet for fans,but it also has 4 things that guarantee superior content from Moore himself:

1) Give him a subject or group of subjects he  is passionate about.

2) Surround him with a group of people who share his vision

3) Give him FULL creative control


In order to keep this an All ages review I’m going to focus on a few articles that fans of Moore and Alternative magazines might enjoy:


The most interesting item in this issue is a free mini comic. The first one Alan has ever written and drawn himself. It was interesting to see Moore’s artwork. I wasn’t even aware that her drew.  It is a disturbing ,EC comic style Sci-Fi epic. That’s all I can say.

Alan also has a very interesting article about anarchy called

Fear of A Black Flag it is very well thought out and well researched.

Artist Margaret Killjoy , The Urban Guerrilla Gardner has a very funny cartoon about the dangerous of an organic lifestyle.

Johnny Viable :A very interesting tale about a young boy from a ver strange family.I have no idea what’s going on but the art is cool and it contains a Giant Squid!

Kartoon Korner  is a monthly feature by Kevin O’Neill. He draws one page sketches every month. Beautifully done.

daily mustard: a mini paper within the magazine with strange stories like: Ugly people get better parking spaces :)

some of the articles in the magazine are relevant to issues in English Culture but they are still humorous and thought-provoking to American audiences as well .


This issue has a special wrap around cover drawn by Alan Moore and some unpublished art Moore did for a few unpublished comics. This issue also has an interesting article by Moore called Magic, Running In The Gutters Like Lightning.I’m fascinated by Moore’s essay’s. They are always well researched and thought-provoking.

Another giveaway this issue is an iron on T-shirt transfer.


The most hilarious and definitely NON PC comic strip about the world’s first Homeless Super Hero.

Decades of Decadence

A great piece about the artistic Decadents like Oscar Wilde and how they  influenced the art of their times.

Artist  Josie Longa female cartoonist with a great comic strip  entitled: Signs that your new boyfriend is a psychopath.

There is also a cooking section and a crafts corner on how to make Dance Dance Revolution crafts for your kitchen.

I really enjoy this magazine. There are rotating cameos by many of Alan’s friends from the Comic world. If you are a fan of Alan Moore , these books are for you. I like the combination of History, Satire and sometimes controversial subjects. The articles are well thought out and very relevant to many issues in the UK and the US. You might be able to find these at your local comic shop if not the website ships issues. I look forward to future issues of the magazine.


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