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Review – Young Justice Episode 12

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As predicted, this newest episode of Young Justice entitled Homefront continues the current theme and focuses on two specific team members.  Robin and Artemis are called upon to save the team when The Cave is unexpectedly attacked.  We also get to see a little of Artemis’ past and further evidence that she may be the mole that Aqualad suspects has infiltrated the team.

Aqualad confides in Red Tornado about his suspicions of a mole on the team.  He wonders if he should tell Batman about what he suspects, but Red Tornado advises him that Batman would expect them to handle their own internal problems.  Meanwhile Miss Martian and Superboy’s romance blossoms, but they are finding it difficult keeping it a secret and are almost caught by Kid Flash.

In Gotham City, Dick Grayson and Artemis Crock are both starting their first day of school at Gotham Academy.  Later that night, they run into each other at the Zeta tube to The Cave.  Robin questions Artemis about her being in Gotham instead of Star City, but she awkwardly stalls him by suggesting they get to The Cave.  It is clear that Dick is aware of Artemis’ identity while she is clueless of his.

Upon transporting in, they come under attack by two unknown enemies.  Robin uses his stealth skills and blueprints of The Cave to elude their attackers who turn out to be very similar to Red Tornado.  One possesses the power to control water, while the other can control fire.  They give the pair ten minutes to surrender themselves or their team mates will be killed.

Artemis is discouraged about their hopes of survival much less being able to save the team.  Robin however has been trained well and is able to keep one step ahead of their foes.  Much like Batman, he devises a plan to save the others.  Artemis points out that without superpowers, they stand little chance of success.  But Robin is way ahead of her and has managed to get assistance from Kid Flash and the others.

While trying to create an EMP pulse generator to shut down the Reds, Robin is captured.  It’s now up to Artemis to single-handedly save the rest of the team before their time is up.  She demonstrates quite a bit of self doubt and very nearly gives up.  Out of arrows and almost out of time, she debates trying to save the team or escaping to get team from the Justice League.  A spark of inspiration helps her overcome her doubt and she is able to set off the EMP, effectively shutting down the Reds and saving the team.

While they are trying to free Superboy and Kid Flash, Red Tornado returns from monitor duty on the Justice League Watchtower.  He is unaware of other robots like himself and when he examines them, he suddenly turns on the team, knocking them all out.  When they awaken, Batman, Superman, Captain Atom and other League members have arrived to help.  Red Tornado and the other two Reds are mysteriously gone.

The Nerd’s thoughts:  Through a few flashbacks into Artemis’ past, we find that her sister is the assassin Cheshire.  Shortly after their mother goes to prison, she runs away from home.  Young Artemis is distraught about her sister leaving her and their father.  This gives some insight into Artemis’ past as well as reinforces the possibility that she could be the mole on the team.

There are two great cameos in this episode.  During the scene at Gotham Academy, Dick talks with a red haired girl he calls Barbara.  It’s is obvious that this is none other than Barbara Gordon.  The two appear to be chummy in the short scene and it leaves me to wonder if, at this point, Barbara knows that Dick and Bruce are Batman and Robin.  Regardless of what this friendliness may or may not mean, it was a pretty cool cameo.  Another character to make a surprise appearance in this episode is Bette KaneYoung Justice just keeps getting better.

Personally I hope that Artemis is the mole and is kicked off the team to make room for Red Arrow to return.  I find Roy is a much better fit for the team than Artemis is.  I also wonder how Green Arrow is unaware that Artemis’ sister is Cheshire.  I am sure he and Batman have their reasons for adding her to the team.  The subplots in this series are sometimes better than the main plot of each episode.

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    Now you possess an enjoyable page which I was pleased with

  2. Sierra Patterson 02/04/2012 at 6:44 pm

    I totally agree that Roy is better Artemis. B.T.W I don't think Barbra knows, Aqualad dosen't even know and he leads the team. I think Robin is trying to step up and lead but is afraid of dissapointing everyone, espically BatMan. When do you think Kid Flash and Artemis will tell each other how they feel?

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