The first thing I’d like to say is that there was an error in my review of the last episode of Young Justice.  It was not the season two premiere of the series.  Apparently Cartoon Network broke season one up into two parts and last week was the start of the second half of the season that began with episode 10, Targets.

This week’s episode of Young Justice continues with a brief story that began in the very first episode of the series.  Four ice villains, Mr. Freeze, Captain Cold, Killer Frost and Icicle Jr. all staged simultaneous attacks around the country and were easily apprehended by the Justice League.  Captain Cold and Killer Frost were sent to Belle Reve prison.  Belle Reve is a federal prison designed to hold meta-humans.  Mr. Freeze and Icicle Jr. managed to eventually be sent to Belle Reve.

Young Justice screen shotBatman and the Justice League are suspicious of this obvious plan to get all four ice-powered villains in the same prison.  They send Miss Martian and Superboy into Belle Reve disguised as the Terror Twins to find out what is going on in there.  Once inside, they quickly uncover that Icicle Sr. is also incarcerated there and that he plans to break every single inmate out of the prison.

This was another great episode and a great follow up to last week.  I like how they are focusing these current episodes on specific members of the team.  Superboy obviously has a lot of anger issues, especially when it comes to Superman.  I am enjoying how the writers are developing his struggle and I hope that he and Superman will get an episode to try and work on their relationship, such as it is.

The last two episodes have expanded on the series quite a bit and have introduced a lot of other great characters from the DC Universe.  Fans of the Justice League animated series will be happy to see that Amanda Waller makes an appearance along with several villains, Killer Croc, Riddler and Hugo Strange.

Each episode reveals another piece of the puzzle.  The team and the Justice League are getting set up to have to face a much bigger challenge that they may not be ready for.  I can see the final episode of the season being a huge slug fest with a ton of League guest stars and a rouge gallery of a caliber that hasn’t been seen since the series finale of Justice League Unlimited.

 I know I have said this before, but it deserves to be repeated.  In a time when CGI animation is becoming more popular, it is nice to see that traditional animation is still being produced with the quality and detail as seen in Young Justice.  I hope that the next episode will feature more of Robin and Kid Flash who have been absent from the last two episodes.

Directed by Jay Oliva and written by Greg Weisman.