Return to Ravnica


Return to Ravnica GameDay is approaching quickly. Join us on October 27th at NOON for our tournament.

$10 entry with 15 person minimum gets the following prize pool:
1st Place: $75 cash and playmat (given by WOTC)
2nd Place: $25 cash and 2 packs
3rd Place: 4 packs, 4th Place: 3 packs, 5th Place: 2 packs

Top 8 will also have special full art foil promos provided by WOTC for Game Day event. The full foil art card is Cryptborn Horror and alternate art Dryad Militant for other participants. If we get more than 15 our prize pool will grow accordingly.

Are you a Magic: The Gathering player located in the Virginia Beach area? Come play at one of our tournaments at the Comic Booked retail store! Check out our Facebook page for a full schedule of all of our Magic: The Gathering events! Call 1 (757) 301-9187 for more information and directions!