I work overnights. I enter work on Tuesday night, and I leave on Wednesday morning. Once my shift is done I like to go see my Father for coffee. Once finished with my caffeine inoculation we walk over to my local Comic Shop, Fat Jack’s. I prepare myself a week ahead of time by using Comixology. I like the ability of “picking” my books and getting an e-mail Wednesday morning. I use this as a check list.  Today I was not able to do that.

I picked up an extra shift at work. When things are slow and money gets tighter the first things to go are the luxuries, in this case comic books. I vowed I would never be in that kind of position again. I might not be able to get all the books I want or to be able to try out a new book and then there are the CGC graded books I like to collect. These are even more expensive. So here I am working 24 out of 32 hours and decided to delay purchasing my new comic books by one day.

I already know the amount of work I will need to do, the tables I have to wait on,and the stress of not knowing what kind of customers I will have to cater too. I also don’t know how much money I will make. I will struggle; I will prevail. I might be slightly tired, or partially worn, but most definitely eager to get my comic books even if it is one day late.  What days do you go get your comic books, and what happens when you don’t get to get those on the day you plan to have new comic books in hand?


Thanks for Reading