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Redesign Shadowman for Project: Rooftop

David Vandervliet 10/22/2012 Reviews

Valiant want to see their newest star in a new light.

For their upcoming redesign contest, Project:Rooftop, the superhero fashion site is teaming up with Valiant Entertainment and wants all you comic artist and designers to take a shot at redesigning Valiant’s latest hero to return, Shadowman.

Shadowman was one of Valiant’s most popular characters in the 1990’s, selling millions of comics and starring in a very popular video game series from Acclaim. Now this November he’s returning to comic book stores in an all new ongoing series by Justin Jordan and Patrick Zircher.

Who is the Shadowman? Warren Simons, Valiant’s Executive Editor explained at The Future of Valiant panel at New York Comic Con last weekend, how this new title will explore areas of the Valiant Universe that we haven’t gotten to see before, “a dark corner that has the potential to overwhelm the rest of it,” and what it means to be a Shadowman in the Valiant Universe.

Among the judges in the contest is series artists and co-writer Patrick Zircher,  “Valiant’s night-prowling, monster-hunting hero is a very special character for me,” said Zircher. “There’s a terrific pool of talent out there and I’m really looking forward to the contest designs for Shadowman.”  Joining Zircher in judging is the Project: Rooftop team including Dean Trippe, the co-founder and co-editor of Project: Rooftop, Chris Arrant is a writer and designer who co-founded Project: Rooftop with Trippe in 2006 and serves as an editor on the site, along with the rest of the Project: Rooftop team.

Valiant will be providing some very cool prizes for the top three places in this contest.

First place will receive a copy of the rare Shadowman Black, the Bill Sienkiewicz variant cover to Shadowman #1, and the Dave Johnson variant covers to Shadowman #1 and #2.

Second place will receive the Dave Johnson variant covers to Shadowman #1 and #2 as well as a complete run of the Valiant books released since the company returned this summer.

Third place will receive the Dave Johnson variant covers to Shadowman #1 and #2.

Entries for “Shadowman: In A New Light” should aim to create a new take on the hero that stays true to the character’s concept and history and only revise their costume, as if your design was in the running to be used in current continuity. All entries must be received by November 30, 2012 at midnight (Eastern, 9:00pm Pacific).

Before entering be sure to check out Project:Rooftop’s guidelines, include your name and website, and send your art as an attachment in jpg, png, or gif format to [email protected]

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