There’s been a lot of news coming out of IDW recently – but they’ve got a lot of stuff going on! And one of the things that they are well known for is delivering gorgeous hardcover collections of items that are just must-to-own books. They are doing it again here with a title that, I will admit, I know nothing about but this sounds like something work taking a good look at with the collected works of The Red Star. Here is the press release:


THE RED STAR to Shine at IDW!
Complete Collection of the Series Coming this Fall!

San Diego, CA (April 27, 2013) – IDW Publishing is proud to announce that for the first time, Christian Gossett’s acclaimed series THE RED STAR will be collected into a deluxe hardcover format!

The Red StarThis fall, fans of THE RED STAR can look forward to a new presentation of all four of the series’ volumes, complete with a wealth of bonus material from Gossett‘s archives.

“IDW has raised the industry standard with its deluxe line, and THE RED STAR is known for its world-class production value, so this is a match made in heaven,” said Gossett. “I’m proud that our long-time readership will at last be offered the lavish version they deserve, and to give new readers their best opportunity yet to discover this unique and ongoing saga.”

THE RED STAR began with The Battle of Kar Dathras Gate in 1999. A fiercely unique fusion of imaginative technology, a deep, fully-realized universe, and a Soviet-influenced aesthetic, the series was a massive success, leading to three more volumes and incarnations as video and role-playing games. Though it was published in oversized trade paperbacks, fans have never before been able to find all of THE RED STAR in a deluxe format, but that’s about to change.

“Red Star remains one of the most imaginative and visually stunning creator-owned projects of the last 15 years,” said IDW’s President, Greg Goldstein. “We’re delighted to be able offer it in the deluxe format it truly deserves.”

This fall, fans of skyfurnaces, immortal Soviet sorcerers, and other denizens of the singular world of THE RED STAR need look no further than IDW Publishing!



So, as I said, I don’t know this series but the description of utilizing a fully thought-out universe and a Soviet feel (which also makes sense with that name) means I’ll take a look at the book when I see it on the shelves and consider picking it up! What about you? Something that interests you?