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Real Life Heroes to the Rescue

Aaron Clutter 09/12/2013 News

captain America

Milton, Cabell County, West Virginia

Every person who has ever read a comic book has, at some time in their life, wished that those super heroes were real. For the town of Milton, West Virgina, that wish came true on Sunday, September 8th 2013, as Batman and Captain America teamed up to help with a house fire. We sometimes hear about everyday heroes, but not often do these real life heroes wear a mask or a cape.

John Buckland and Troy Markum were dressed up for an event at the local American Legion Post where they were using their characters of Batman and Captain America to show positive life lessons to local children. Buckland owns a business called “Hero 4 Higher” and used to be a firefighter, so when he saw the smoke from a local house fire, he said his training kicked in and he went to save the day. The homeowners were out of town, but Batman swooped in and saved the family cat.

It is great to see this kind of thing in a world that screams for heroes.

Check out the whole story and the video here:

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