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Read the Wonderful & Macabre “A Gorey Demise Storybook” For Free!

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Just over 4 months ago, a B.C. artist named Tasha Zimich, set out on an campaign to fund her A Gorey Demise Storybook project and make it a reality. She was ultimately triumphant, and has been hard at work seeing the project through to completion. Now, thanks to the online magazine issuu, A Gorey Demise Storybook is up and free for anyone to check out! But first, a little background about the inspiration behind A Gorey Demise Storybook, from the original Indiegogo project description:

A Gorey Demise artA Gorey Demise Storybook is a project I’m executing for my 2012 Graduate Exhibition work for Simon Fraser University’s School for Contemporary Arts. I’ve taken on hand-illustrating, printing, and binding a 32-page hardcover graphic-arts book that I will only make 12 copies of.


A Gorey Demise” is a written piece composed and performed by Curtis Rx and Creature Feature Music. It pays homage to one of the literary influences of the singer-songwriter’s projects. “A Gorey Demise” begs visual representation- challenge accepted!


The text chronicles, alphabetically, a cast of characters’ twisted and grisly deaths. I will reinterpret the original text into a book that reads like a children’s storybook, but calls out a tension between its primary form and macabre content. I’ll be illustrating the text with my own stylized type of characters I affectionately call Kriggles.


Drawing this kind of quirky, creative content impassioned me! The process of turning the work into this small run of high-quality books is what makes the whole project a work of art.

As a lifelong “spooky kid,” fun, macabre projects like this are right up my alley. Intrigued? Then check out the digital version of A Gorey Demise Storybook below!

I love the concept behind sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter, that are helping to provide artists with the resources to do what artists should be doing– creating art! Be sure to follow A Gorey Demise Storybook artist Tasha Zimich on Twitter, to stay up to date about further developments and future projects, and as always: Support indie art!

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