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Read Avengers #1 For Free!

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Marvel Comics is letting you read Avengers #1 for free, don’t pass up on this great chance to delve into the source material that inspired the movie!

The book was first published back in 1963, with a cover price of 12 cents.  Original copies have recently sold for as much as $250,000.  I considered searching my local comic shop for reprints on free comic book day, but free was just too good of an offer to pass up!  I’m going to give you a bit of a breakdown and a comparison, so be wary of spoilers below the image.


Marvel comics Avengers is the hot new film at the box office, now read the original book

It’s really interesting to see how many similarities there are between this comic book and the movie.  Loki is the main villain in both, and on a path of revenge.  He’s watched and learned things while in exile, and concocted a scheme to get revenge on Thor.  Keep in mind that I’m not implying the plan for the movie was to recreate this issue.  The influences of more recent story lines that took place in The Ultimates for example are obvious.  When I compare films to their source material I generally focus more on how well they interpret what’s at the heart of the story, but still the common threads are amazing and fun to see.  Loki’s plot in Avengers #1 was heavily dependent upon manipulation of the Hulk, and resulted in the heroes battling each other.  Loki ultimately fails of course; in fact his plan has the undesirable effect of bringing a team of heroes together against him.  Well it was undesirable for Loki, for us it was a blast!  There are even small details, like the insinuation that Iron Man has music piped into his suit.  There are differences too, and they are big ones.  Important founding members are absent from the movie, and while it’s not to the film’s detriment, to comic book fans it is very noticeable.  The movie also has a form of martyrdom that inspired the team.  It’s well written, but the comic has a purely fun team up genesis.  Read it for yourself and decide, it’s a great way to build up some geek cred, be more informed around the water cooler, and it’s an enjoyable book!

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