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Psychotic Love Sick Clown To Invade WonderCon

Comic Booked Guest Writer 03/03/2011 Features

Richard Zerga owner of Legends Of Heroes And Villains and creator of the title character “Taffy” and  Jeff Hughes of Comic Book Divas prepare to debut the clown-filled horror comic  “Taffy: Love Is Not A Laughing Matter” at WonderCON 2011

“Taffy: Love Is Not A Laughing Matter”” is the story about two women who were childhood friends Rachel and Lucy; Rachel had always been a bit of an outsider because she was into a group and was whispered about because of her love of horror; Lucy was always there to protect her friend and now they are the closest of friends.

Many things have changed Rachel and Lucy have grown up and instead of the trials and tribulations of childhood the two women face the everyday issues that we all do as adults; jobs, bills and of course love, but one thing has not changed and that is Rachel’s love for all things “HORROR”

After Rachel is dumped by her boyfriend, Lucy takes Rachel to a Horror Convention; while there Rachel meets a dealer selling her favorite horror movie character  named “TAFFY The Clown”; this iconic horror character has always been Rachel’s favorite  and she is memorized by everything including the rare and sought after “Taffy In The Box”

Rachel buys the rare collectible and takes it home, one night the two women decide to play with the “Taffy In The Box” by winding the crank and read the mysterious rhyme until the “Taffy” doll pops out with a creepy and eerie laugh; but afterward the figure refuses to go back down into the box.

Soon after a series of deranged murders begin; Rachel and Lucy will be entangled in a series of events curtsy of one “Taffy The Clown” all in the name of LOVE.

The idea of the comic comes from the minds of Richard Zerga and Jeff Hughes; the two publishers came up with the idea while talking on the phone one night, maybe it was fate that night when the two men talked.

“We were talking about the Taffy comic, and Richard and I had almost the same idea, it was very funny and weird; we were both laughing about the idea and how we both had these sick and twisted ideas”

– Jeff Hughes

To bring the twisted tale to life artist Kristi Zerga will be doing the artwork for the comic will be Kristi Zerga; who has already a veteran comic book artist as she has worked on her own titles and has worked with other publishers on many of their own projects; Kristi will be an amazing artist for this project.

As always Comic Book Divas approached some remarkable women to be featured in the “Taffy: Love Is Not A Laughing Matter” comic, to help bring the characters to life.

First to be cast was the character “Rachel” which will be portrayed by actress, scream queen and model Deneen Melody; the character will start out very timid and be a bit of a loner but as time goes on the character will become stronger and do things that she did not know she was capable of which will surprise her and people around her.

Deneen Melody is involved with many indie horror projects including “Song Of The Shattered, “Slices Of Life”, “As Night Falls”, and Distortion”; Deneen Melody is also involved with many current and upcoming Comic Book Divas projects including ‘FANGS” as the vampire “Raven”, the web series “A Life Behind The Mask” as the character “BlackBird”, Deneen Melody will also be the hostess of her own horror comic book entitled “Deneen Melody Presents” that will be out in October 2011.

Portraying Rachel’s best friend will be the iconic and beautiful indie horror actress Debbie Rochon; Debbie’s character is just the opposite of Rachel; she is very self confident and will speak her mind, but most of all she has always been there for her friend no matter the situation.

Since then Debbie has starred in dozens of horror movies and has gained cult stardom worldwide. Since 1994, she has acted in various roles in Lloyd Kaufman‘s Troma Productions, most notably Tromeo and Juliet (1996) and Terror Firmer (1998), as well as many other low-budget independent made-for-video horror flicks in lead, supporting, minor and bit parts.

Although she is mostly associated with creepy features and thrillers because of her evenly-shaped, dark-haired appearance on and off camera, she has garnered acclaim for her turns in comedy and drama. She has also co-hosted a number of radio shows in New York City that focused on film and pop culture.

Some of her current movies include the popular and acclaimed movies “Walking Distance” and “Good Sisters”

This will be Debbie’s first appearance in a Comic Book Divas/ Legends Of Heroes And Villains comic book project and hope she will join us for another project in the future.

“Taffy: Love Is Not A Laughing Matter” will be a three part mini series with the first issue debuting at this year’s WONDERCON April 1st – 3rd 2011 at the Legends Of Heroes And Villains/Comic Book Divas table in the small press alley.

Kicking off the series and the debut of this clown-lious  tale will be two limited edition variant covers that will feature the actresses in the comic, there will be a Debbie Rochon and Taffy Variant Cover by artist Jason Dube and also a Deneen Melody and Taffy Variant Cover by artists Richard and Kristi Zerga.

On hand to sign the comic will be Comic Book Divas model Ysabel Young who portrays one of Taffy’s victims in the comic book who meets her demise in a hare-raising manner.

“Taffy: Love Is Not A Laughing Matter”

Published by Legend Of Heroes And Villains and Comic Book Divas

“Taffy T. Clown owned by Richard Zerga

Written by Jeff Hughes

Art by Richard Zerga and Kristi Zerga

Variant Covers by Jason Dube Colorist Stacy Raven and Richard and Kristi Zerga Colorist Kristi Zerga.

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