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Princeless: The Long and the Short of it

Comic Booked Guest Writer 04/08/2012 Reviews

The title is different but this is my Pick of the Week for week fifteen. About a year ago I was asked to do a review. This was not by Action Lab Comics but by someone who was working at At the time I had other things to do, but I considered him a friend and there is not much I wouldn’t do for friendship. I wrote the review based off the eight pages that were forwarded to me. Soon after, I found the book in my LCS. I felt a sort of pride that I wrote about a book and then there it was on the shelf. If I was getting a kick of it being on the shelf I can only imagine what the creators thought.

I had the pleasure to interview Jeremy Whitley, who can be followed at @jrome58, (just don’t follow to closely, those restraining orders are murder). Unfortunately, this interview got away from me due to technical and personal reasons. And we know I don’t write from a personal aspect??? M. Goodwin and Mr. Froggy seemed to compliment Adrienne’s character. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I was asked by the writer himself if I could give the full four-issue series a go. Now, let me recap a bit. I have been working extra hours, getting ready for a vacation and making sure the rest of my articles are ready to go. If it was anyone else I most likely would have said no, but Jeremy has shown me how good this book truly is. Here is the (semi) long of it:

From Jeremy Whitley and Action Lab ComicsI was sent all four issues in their entirety. If you have been keeping up with my articles you will see the type of artwork I fell in love with (Sal Buscema, JR JR, and BWS to name a few). The artwork for this book is not like that at all, but the thing is, it works. It reminds me of the Richie Rich books I read as a tyke. That nostalgia, plus the humor of this millennium, works for me as an adult and a parent. I view this as an adult writing for his daughter, in a way explaining to her, and all girls that read this, that you don’t need saving, you can get along fine without your prince. As for the dragon…maybe a good substitute would be a dog.

I would love to spoil each issue for you. I would love to tell you all about it but the fact remains is this book is worthy enough to pick up. I might not have this series graded by CGC but I can see myself picking it up from time to time to read over for a good laugh.

I want to write more and tell you how awesome the book is but my deadline is closing in on me and the short of it is, it doesn’t matter where you find the book, either a back issue bin, or the trade coming out. This is a fun, must-read.


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