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Preview- John Carter: The Gods Of Mars #1

Michael Wirth 02/28/2012 Reviews

Disney’s big-budget film John Carter will be hitting theaters soon and to coincide with it, Marvel will be releasing the first issue of the next chapter in the John Carter saga, The Gods Of Mars. Based on the Edgar Rice Burroughs series of novels, The Gods Of Mars continues the story of human John Carter who revisits Mars and faces off against gods themselves. Check out the preview from Marvel below.

By Sam Humphries and Ramon PerezMarvel is pleased to present your first look at, John Carter: The Gods Of Mars #1, hitting comic shops everywhere March 2012! From the creative team of rising stars Sam Humphries (Sacrifice) & Ramon Perez (Jim Henson’s Tale Of Sand), the heroic John Carter makes his return to Barsoom not to save it from Martian beasts…but Martian GODS! This new series, in collaboration with the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate, is an all-new graphic fiction adaptation of the legendary John Carter novels AND considered part of the official canon set by Burroughs. No fan looking for added depth to the rich John Carter mythos can miss this.


As our hero finds himself in the land of the dead, all hope looks lost. But nothing will stop John Carter from saving Mars from the terror of those looking to destroy it and this March, the next chapter of one of the greatest action stories ever told begins in John Carter: The Gods Of Mars #1!



Based on the Novel by EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS

Adaptation by SAM HUMPHRIES



All Ages …$2.99

FOC – 2/27/12, ON SALE – 3/21/12

No matter your opinion of the movie, there’s no denying that Marvel and Disney are putting quite a bit into this story. As well they should. Princess Of Mars, the first of the John Carter series was first printed back in 1917. A classic from Burroughs, who also created the character of Tarzan, the John Carter series has a host of fans all its own. It’s clear that Disney has taken a few liberties with the newest film (which is bound to be lightyears better than the 2009 Direct-To-DVD Princess Of Mars film starring Antonio Sabato Jr.) and Disney is already beginning to take flak for some of the changes. Will Marvel’s mini-series be more faithful to the source material? I honestly can’t say for sure, but it should still be a fun ride.

By Sam Humphries and Ramon Perez


By Sam Humphries and Ramon Perez


By Sam Humphries and Ramon Perez


John Carter (TM) owned by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.

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