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Preview: Duplicate from Kickstart Comics

Wayne Hall 09/10/2012 Reviews

It’s one of those great sci-fi concepts that keeps me awake at night sometimes! If there were a person who had your memories, thoughts and abilities, would that person be a better you than even you are?

That’s what Duplicate from Kickstart Comics (NOT Kickstarter!), one of my favorite comics companies, discusses when it hits the stands this Wednesday.

Here’s the description: “Written by Mark Sable, with art by Andy MacDonald. A seemingly ordinary family man sees his doppelganger and realizes he’s a clone.  But not just any clone, a duplicate of the world’s deadliest secret agent – a, decoy designed to spend time with the agent’s family and otherwise provide cover while the spy is off saving the world.”

I love Kickstart’s product because they create something that’s unique. While most comics are part of an endlessly ongoing storyline to get you to come back next month, this company almost always makes books that are self-contained stories, so really anything can happen by the end of the book. I love that! And this graphic novel is a perfect example of that.

Kickstart Comics, Duplicate, Mark Sable, Andy MacDonald, clone, Spider-Man, End League,Zeke, who’s a real family man, loves nothing more than treating his family to dinner in a nice restaurant and taking his daughter to work with him. On the other hand, Agent Dax lives a high life of danger and intrigue. We discover pretty quickly that they’re supposed to be the same guy.

When his daughter ends up in danger, Zeke leaps to her aid, but in so doing, he reveals something about himself to not only everyone around him, but himself as well.

Surprises abound in this graphic novel, and things do come to an interesting conclusion as both Zeke and Agent Dax have to decide just which life each wants. I was surprised by their choices, I have to say.

Mr. Sable’s script is a quick and gripping one. According to his blog, he’s worked for Marvel (“What If Spider-Man Killed Kraven the Hunter?”) and DC Comics (“Teen Titans Cold Case,” “Two-Face: Year One,” Cyborg, Supergirl), but he’s best known for his creator-owned work. Grounded, Fearless, and Hazed for Image, Unthinkable for Boom! Studios, and Rift Raiders from Kickstart, another great book! Both Hazed and Unthinkable were optioned for film by Mandalay Productions. His latest book is Graveyard of Empires, illustrated and co-created by my Grounded and Spider-Man creator, Paul Azaceta, out now from Image Comics.

Mr. MacDonald’s art is perfect for the story. It has a frenetic feel to it that kept me wondering just what was going to happen next. He’s provided art for Amazing Spider-Man and The End League, among other books.

One “big” change in this book from previous Kickstart releases is that the size has increased. “Our books will still be 96 pages of graphic novel content,” said Managing Editor Samantha Shear during an interview with Newsarama,” but we will be increasing the books size to a more traditional comic size. We will still be bringing the same great storytelling for the same price point of $8.99.” So you get the same great story in a bigger volume! What more could you want?

Duplicate is a high-octane yet extremely personal drama about the human condition through the eyes of all-too-human characters, so you should be certain to pick it up!

Kickstart Comics, Duplicate, Mark Sable, Andy MacDonald, clone, Spider-Man,  End League,

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