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Preview: Arsenic Lullaby: The Big Stall

Skott Jimenez 09/25/2012 Reviews

There are two kinds of people: the kind who know about and find Arsenic Lullaby funny, and the kind you should avoid being seen with in public.

Arsenic Lullaby, in all it various forms, is an independently published comic book from the rather interesting mind of Douglas Paszkiewicz. Over the years the series has featured jokes about the Holocaust, abortion, alien abduction, people lacking their full mental capacities, and the government’s ability to do things that make no sense among many other things. It’s the true definition of the term ‘dark humor.’

So, if jokes about such things as I mentioned above offends you I would suggest checking out any of the other great columns by our ever hard working staff of writers. The rest of you… follow me.

It’s been one of my personal all time favorite independent comics since I first found out about it in the mid-90’s, back whenSpider-Man Douglas was still attending the Motor City ComicCon. Last year at Detroit Fanfare I was able to get a great sketch from him on the cover of Ultimate Spider-Man #160 featuring one of his aborted fetus characters on the Death Of Peter Parker issue. I sent it to get graded and it came back a 9.8(!).
For over ten years Douglas has been writing, drawing, and publishing his work. Recently, much of it was collected in The Devil’s Decade trade still available on the Arsenic Lullaby website.

Anyway, the whole point of this is to share with you the upcoming release of The Big Stall, the newest chapter in the Arsenic Lullaby Legacy. It has all the wonderful standards of the series, including the return of Baron Von Donut. As always, it plays more like an anthology with a few single page gags added for good measure and, here’s the big announcement: it’s in FULL COLOR! Yes, for the first time EVER you can read the best dark humor comic on the market in FULL COLOR (for some reason those words look better in caps)!
Now, I could go on and on about how awesome this series is but I think it’s best to let the product speak for itself. But, before I do, I would like to add that while there are a lot of artists and writers (and some actors) who do outrageous things there is a difference between those people and Douglas. See, Douglas doesn’t do these things for cheap publicity or to say ‘hey! look at how outrageous I can be!’ No, he does what he does because HE finds it funny. That’s what makes it great. It’s also what makes the original Looney Tunes great: they did what they thought was funny. It didn’t matter if others agreed. Look at those cartoons now, they are truly funny and classic. Just like Arsenic Lullaby.

Or, if you like, take the words of Warren Ellis: “God help me, it made me smile.”

Check out these preview pages from the latest release and pre-order your copies today from our friends at DCBService and the fine folks at Things From Another World. I’m serious about pre-ordering it today. It won’t be there tomorrow.

Arsenic Lullaby, the Big Stall The Big Stall The Big Stall The Big Stall The Big Stall

I have my copy ordered at my LCS and cannot wait to have it in my hands. I can tell you if you are a fan then you MUST have this issue!

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