The cover to Ultimate Comcis X-Men #1. Art by Kaare AndrewsEver since Ultimatum, I’ve missed the Ultimate version of the X-Men. Sure, Iceman lived on in Ultimate Spider-Man with Kitty Pryde popping up here and there. And they had Ultimate Comics X, featuring a disguised Jean Grey and most of the Brotherhood of Mutants. But let’s face it, Ultimate Comics X wasn’t the same as the X-Men. It was about finding new mutants and, most importantly, introducing Wolverine’s son.

My disappointment over Ultimate Comics X stemmed from the rather severe shortage of actual X-Men appearing in the book. Which is why I was excited to hear that Marvel was bringing everybody’s favorite mutant superteam back to the Ultimate Universe.

Written by Nick Spencer (Spider Island: Cloak & Dagger, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents) with artist Paco Medina (X-Men, New Warriors), Ultimate Comics X-Men features Kitty Pryde and Bobby Drake getting’ the band back together. Alongside Johnny Storm, the Ultimate Human Torch and lately Bobby’s “partner in crime”, Kitty and Bobby set out to look for the remaining surviving X-Men in the hopes to stay off the radar of the government who, after the events of Ultimatum, have made being a mutant against the law. Along the way, they decide to investigate the claim that the government actually created mutants.

Variant to Ultimate Comcis X-Men #1. Art by Mark BagleyI couldn’t be more excited for Ultimate Comics X-Men. After a brief hiatus in my comics reading, the Ultimate universe really helped to pull me back in with a vengeance, and Ultimate X-Men was a big part of that. I was devastated to hear that after Ultimatum, Ultimate X-Men was going away. Thankfully, Marvel realized that the X-Men are a staple, no matter what Universe they’re in.

Let’s just hope that my request for more Ultimate Jubilee gets approved, too!

Look for Ultimate Comics X-Men #1 in stores September 21. The premiere issue comes polybagged and features a cover by Kaare Andrews, with a variant cover by longtime Ultimate Spider-Man artist Mark Bagley.