Something is coming.

Prelude to Schism 1+2 features many of the ‘senior’ X-men discussing this fact. While the specific threat the X-men were referring to isn’t revealed one thing was clear; they are scared.
While the others are discussing this unnamed fear, Cyclops seeks guidance from the most experienced among them. The first installment of Prelude focuses on the advice given to Cyclops by his first mentor, Charles Xavier. Xavier’s advice is profound, as usual, but seems to do nothing to further the plot nor does it offer clues about the coming storm. The second installment focuses on advice offered by a former foe, Eric Lehnsherr, best known as Magneto. The segment involving Magneto offered a seldom available look into Magneto’s tragic past but again did little to promote the story.

While Prelude to Schism 1 + 2 offered little story advancement and no action they accomplished the fundamental goals of setting the scene and building suspense for the actual Schism event. The scenes featuring the senior X-men discussing an unknown terror with such fear helps build an atmosphere that says this threat is one to rival the X-men’s deadliest foes.