Available now in our weekly podcast: The Walking Dead season 2 finale review and season wrap up.

The prison, a mysterious sword-wielding stranger and lots and lots of zombies. This and more was in the season two finale of the Walking Dead. Join Lucas, Nick and yours truly as we discuss the episode and do a season wrap up. We don’t all quite see eye to eye.

There are possible spoilers mentioned during the show. If you haven’t yet seen it, you might want to wait until you’ve caught up.


The finale sets up the foundation for the next season. We know that David Morrisey has been cast as the Governor and, according to IMDB, is slated to appear in episode one of the third season and that AMC has increased the number of seasons from 13 in season two to 16 in three, but is that too much given how the second season dragged? We put it up to debate and make some prediction for the October debut as well as comment on the ever popular Walking Dead drinking game, Carl’s misbehavior and Lori perpetually setting the women’s movement back fifty years.

What will season three have in store?  Well, we don’t know for sure, but we have hope it’ll be something completely different that what’s come before and make some predictions involving Andrew Lincoln and his accent work as well as Carl and his silly hat.