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Podcast Preview – Sharing a Meal at the After Movie Diner

John I 04/04/2012 Features

This week Lucas and yours truly sit down with Jon X. and discuss his After Movie Diner podcast and the recent nomination for the TLA Cult Awards for “Best Web Site/Blog/Podcast/Whatever” among other things.

Our conversation runs the gamut and includes The Godfather, Evil Dead, Bruce Campbell, CHUD, Fright Night (both versions), Sam Raimi, an alternate Oscar selection, Drive, Clash of the Titans (both versions), Kevin Smith, Red State and Billy Zane in purple tights (it should have been Bruce Campbell). We also cover the rise and availability of independent film and the accessibility of independent directors and actors on Twitter. Not long after Jon started his podcast independent directors would approach him to feature their movie in a podcast and that prompted yet another opportunity to not only discuss films, but discuss it with those who create them.

After Movie Diner Podcast Banner

He wasn’t expecting that sort of grass-roots response from a platform that only allowed for 140 character messages, but there you have it. These contacts gave rise to quirky independents such as Freaky Farley and Monsters, Marriage and Murder in Manchvegas getting some much-needed exposure and attention on the AMD podcast.

After Movie Diner’s distinct Monty-Pythonesque style coupled with Jon’s own original music and perspective on cinema are the right ingredients for a full plate of unique film commentary.

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