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PlayStation Vita – Preview

Jorgie 01/10/2012 Reviews

Sony made a big splash back at E3 by officially announcing the latest handheld gadget the Playstation Vita. Since the announcment back in June, the device has actually been released in Japan and has sold over 450k units. The luke warm reception in Sony’s native land isn’t enough to stop the hype back here in the good ol’ US of A!

Despite the Vita’s relatively large 5″ OLED touch-screen first impressions seem to be that the device is surprisingly light. Looking like a sleeker and upgraded version of its predecessor – the PSP – Sony has chosen to give an update to an already modern design. Some other notable changes to Sony’s new device are the addition of the extra analog stick which gives it two (2) just like its big brother the PS3. As mentioned, the PS Vita will come with a touch-screen and, although not as responsive as an iPhone or high end Android devices, it is a more than serviceable option especially when considering that most of the gaming will be done will be with the physical buttons. The PS Vita will not share the XMB interface that the PS3 and PSP currently support, rather it will make use of the touch-screen and use a GUI that is called LiveArea.

The games for Vita will be distributed on a new flash memory card named the ‘PlayStation Vita Card’ rather than the UMDs used by the previous generation. PS Vita Cards will be available between the ranges of 4 GB – 32 GB, and the cards themselves will function in the same fashion in which we currently use SD Cards. Along with the download and purchase of PS Vita games there will be PSP, PS1, PS Classics, PS Store games, and the support of trophies. In addition to games, the PS Vita will allow you to connect to your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Skype; all will be available to download from the PlayStation Store.

The Vita will be released in a WiFi and 3G options with the later being powered by the AT&T network. The WiFi version of the device will come at an introductory price of $250.

ComicBooked will have a full review of the PlayStation Vita as soon as it is released stateside, which is slated to be on February 22, 2012. Stay tuned!

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  1. Josh O 01/26/2012 at 2:55 pm

    I want a Vita. But my wallet has this thing about not being a dustbowl?

    Knowing me I'll still find someway to get one >.>

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