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Playstation TV Announced By Sony At E3

Bill Ivie 06/15/2014 Movies and TV

Playstation TVLast year, Sony announced the PS Vita TV, a small device that would bring a solid helping of Playstation technologies to consumers.  Rebranded the Playstation TV, the device will find it’s way to North American retailers later this year.

The device, which measures six centimeters by 10 centimeters, was released in Japan last year.  It allowed users to connect to their television by HDMI cable and gain access to streaming apps as well as the Playstation Store.  The front-facing memory card port allows for the use of a PS Vita memory card to be inserted to hold downloaded content.

Users will be able to download a fair quantity of PS One, PS Two and PSP Classic games while having access to a limited library of PS Vita games from Playstation Now.  The Vita games are limited based on the functionality that they are programmed with.  The new device utilizes the DualShock3 controller for game play.  This limits gamers from accessing titles that make use of the Vita touchscreen, mic, camera or rear touch panel technologies.

The announcement from this week’s E3 conference comes with a reasonable $99 price tag.  In addition, a bundle featuring a controller, HDMI cable, 8 GB memory card and The Lego Movie game will be offered for $139.  The U.S. version appears to have a black finish as opposed to the white finish from the original device.

The device will also make use of the Vita’s streaming technology that allows gamers to control their PS3 or PS4 devices elsewhere on their network.  Utilizing that technology will allow the user to play their console games on any television in their home by connecting the Playstation TV to their local network.

The announcement, seen in the video below, is being talked about by game fans everywhere.

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Are you excited for the Playstation TV?  Will you be putting down your hard-earned money on yet another Sony device?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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