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Picks of the Week for October 23, 2013

Kelly Cassidy 10/30/2013 Features

Hello Everybody,

I’d like to welcome you to our new column, Picks of the Week. I will be posting these every Tuesday. The premise is simple.

Basically, these are the Comic Booked staff’s favorite book (or books) of the week based on careful decision making, each comes with a short 50-80 word blurb describing why it’s the pick of the week. Have fun and feel free to post yours in the comments:



Velvet #1Velvet 1 – Brubaker and Epting’s new comic comes to life with all of the verve, action and wit of a 70’s spy thriller. What comes here is a complex story filled with character, action, and mysterious double-crosses. Brubaker craft’s a story that goes beyond his typical noir stylings into the next level. Coupled with Epting’s realistic art and knack for putting personality into figures, you have a real winner of a first issue here.





Justice League 24

Justice League 24 – Geoff Johns continues to spread evil across the DC Universe, continuing right where he left off in the pages of the main Forever Evil miniseries. But just because the Justice League is dead (for now) and gone (for now), doesn’t mean the title cannot continue. And Johns, joined here by frequent collaborator, artist Ivan Reis, is at the top of his game. The brilliant dialogue shows us just how great the Crime Syndicate (and Ultraman specifically) truly are. And by great, of course, I mean horrific and diabolical. –Jeff Hill

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