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Pick of the Week (Week Sixteen)

Comic Booked Guest Writer 04/15/2012 Reviews

Since the first time I started collecting comic books, I read my favorite title last. But recently, having been disappointed with the art and the story of the New Mutants, I was afraid that reading it last would have left me with a feeling of “that’s it?”. This title came out on April 4, 2012, when I was at sea. It would be another day before my feet walked through the streets of Aruba, let alone another week before I was able to walk into my LCS.

I arrived back in the states on Sunday, April 8 and followed up the next day with a comic book run. For the first time since I made Fat Jack’s Comiccrypt my comic book shop of choice, they ran out of a title that I wanted. The only copies of Avengers VS. X-Men they had were two different variant copies.  It seems they didn’t order enough, which is strange since this title was hyped beyond belief, much more than the four issue limited series from the eighties.


W A R N I N G !!! SPOILERS !!! W A R N I N G

Some of the following is jumbled which is due to the awesomeness of the titles.

As I was reading this I was constantly thinking how Cyclops had changed and how he turned into a bratty kid. (It’s my sandbox and you have to listen to me if you want to play with me!) Captain America wanted to take Hope away away to keep her safe from the Phoenix. Cyclops childishly said no. I felt that Cyclops should have simply explained that it would be safer for everyone concerned if Hope stayed with them on Utopia rather than some jail in the middle of a populated city (this was answered in New Avengers #24). I also have trouble with the Avengers belief that the Phoenix Force is even coming for Hope.

Even though Cyclops is training Hope harder than Cable ever did, her little explosion with the Phoenix erupting behind her does not constitute her being the Phoenix itself. John Romita Jr is one of my favorite artists, even inciting a conversation with a customer of mine who issued the statement that if JR JR even had a modicum of the ability is father had that he might become a good artist. The debate stayed friendly and I wonder if my customer picked up a copy of Avengers VS. X-Men #1 and possibly thought about recanting that proclamation.

On the first page, on an unknown world a father questions his son. On Page 14 Nova is lying in rubble, bleeding and barely conscious, followed by page 19 where Phoenix’s energy is projected millions of miles away through a teenage girl. Then on page 28 the conversation between Scott and Steve begins. Each page, each detail by John Romita Jr, surpassed the last, cultivating into a climatic splash page shot between pages 31 and 32.

I was so engrossed by the issue, by not only the art but by the story as well, that I didn’t even realize for the average cover price of $3.99 (I paid $9.99 for the JR JR variant cover) that this comic book was completely without any ads to interrupt the story. And, when an ad was finally to be seen, it was for a Marvel Augmented Reality App (something I will have to look more into). I didn’t see any of the normal ads I tend to see when I read a comic book.  The book could only have been better if the cover was printed without the UPC code.

I only had to wait two days before my next venture into the Avengers VS. X-Men storyline within the pages of New Avengers. I have enjoyed the artwork of John Romita Jr for so long that I sometimes forget about new budding artists, even though Mike Deadato started for Innovation in 1993, I am only discovering his talent now. (I feel so ashamed). I love the feel he gives to Brian Michael Bendis’ words. The amount of emotion he portrays between Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.

New Avengers starts off with a large assembled group jumping off a Helicarrier and, finally, I have found a reason to enjoy Rulk, Red Hulk, or General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross. The man is a general and for the first time (that I have seen) he acts like one. By the way, who else got a kick out of Spider-Man being shocked that Wolverine runs a school? The book was solid and tight with the only loose end that I look forward to seeing resolved is Storm leaving the meeting early.

I can’t wait to see more between the mutants that are on both teams so, since I picked Princeless for last week’s Pick of the Week and that was written before I had the chance to see what was coming out on the shelves for April 4, 2012 and more recently April 11, 2012, I am picking two books. They are of course Avengers VS. X-Men #1 and New Avengers #24. As for my digital Pick of the Week, who cares? I am going to go read these two again. As for the New Mutants I can only hope they are doing these small story arcs in preparation for something greater, like, maybe, Exiled?



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