What a week this has been for me with comic books. I received my twenty books by USPS I had at CGC to be graded, received the original artwork from the first comic book I ever collected, my favorite title came out, AND Marvel started over with their Season One Series. The book itself was released in both hardcover and digitally. Fantastic Four: Season One has nothing to do with the old Fantastic Four, not including a back-up story originally printed in issue #570. Though my favorite title came out, I still had to choose Fantastic Four: Season One as my Pick of the Week.

I have found that I either really like the FF or I don’t. There is no in between. This story shows the birth of the FF in a whole new light. What’s nice is that every hardcover comes with a free digital copy. I love when any comic book company gives you a free digital comic book with the purchase of the printed copy. All the Season Ones are priced at $24.99 and the extra copy I can read anywhere is definitely a plus.

DC was taking a huge risk in jump-starting their whole universe but after their success, how would it look if Marvel tried the same idea? The Season One Program is a way for old readers to revisit their favorite cast or new readers to try something new from the “beginning”. Of course, I might have never started collecting comics with all the number ones. Yes, I liked them, yes I was naïve enough to buy more than one, and yes I got rid of them at a loss.

So how good was Fantastic Four: Season One It’s also my digital pick of the week.

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