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Pick of the Week (Week Eight)

Comic Booked Guest Writer 02/19/2012 ZDONOTUSE

What happens if nothing comes out in a week you are craving comic books? When I have a heavy week, like this one, I know it is only a matter of time before another week comes where I only get one book, or none. This past week my weekly haul consisted of a Star Wars title, Avenging Spider-Man #4, Zootanapuss #2 and one of my favorites, Daredevil #8 amongst others.

Daredevil should be my pick of the week by default, it isn’t.  Neither is Stars Wars Dawn of the Jedi #1. Somehow it was the New Avengers #21 and Avengers #22 that has prevailed with my greatest interest. It doesn’t matter which you read first, you can be entertained by both individually or combined. Besides, why can’t I pick two?


New Avengers #21 begins as it ends outside Avengers Mansion. An enraged mob wants accountability, with media watching every move (kind of like real life), but yet the horde is so angry that they would throw bottles at a woman carrying a baby? This scene is setup for pure story development. It’s not that I don’t see a mob doing something like this I just can’t see a woman so concerned about her child’s welfare would try to walk through the front doors and then through the crowd, although I do love the squirrel attack.

The rest of the “New” Avengers are busy fighting Thor’s clone Ragnarok. Wolverine flies at him with such tenacity his feral nature dominates and shows why he is the best he does, even if he was beaten to a pulp.  Spider man continues with his quips that Brian uses so well. The art of Mike Deadato and Paul Mounts creates a surreal world of action, drama, and suspense that I am enraptured page after page.

I like the idea of Norman Osborn let loose in the world. He also seems to be a lot stronger than ever before has he stops Barton, his Hawkeye from taking a kill shot.  Osborn is a psychopath. He lives in a world of delusion and I wonder what the outcome would be if he somehow got his hands on an infinity gem or even the gauntlet itself. Wouldn’t a Thanos cameo be utterly cool at this point? The two characters together could destroy the Marvel universe. The best part would be how quickly one would betray the other.

And then over in Avengers #22 with Renato Guedes, Jose Wilson Magalhaes, and Jason Keith keep it Dark and gritty. Norman Osborn has gotten the Marvel universe frenzied. His manipulation prevails in having the President fear him enough that he is willing to work to meet his unspoken demands. Personally whatever happened to the United States not dealing with terrorists? Brian Michael Bendis is an extraordinary weaver of tales but this little bit of real information has been lost. Not to mention that in the end of New Avengers Norman is watching his win against the New Avengers, even though they did defeat Ragnorok, but in Avengers #22 he is outside the same Mansion he was nowhere near when the “New” Avengers are getting arrested. I love the old Jim Shooter days when everything was held together by continuity rather than sensationalism. I loved both issues but I wonder if some things were edited for the sake of quickening the story.

I don’t like that the government seems to be willing to talk with Norman after all he isn’t a leader of a third world country. He is however in charge of H.A.M.M.E.R. and known terror organizations Hydra and A.I.M. I think the President should stand with the Avengers and issue an arrest warrant for Norman Osborn. After all, time and time again have shown the Avengers are willing to fight for the lesser man or maybe Michael Brian Bendis should try one grand story line where there are no heroes, where they all stand down and the villains rise because the people keep speaking against them. Eventually have the common masses ask to be saved.  I can see the camera on someone who only a year before cursed their existence now asks for them to return.  I wonder what would this world be like with super heroes and then how would we survive without them. Lois Lane might have written it best like she did in the 2006 movie “Superman Returns” where the article a “World without a Superman” wins her the Pulitzer.


As for my digital pick of the week I am choosing The Avenging Spider-Man because since the beginning they have given a day and date, not to mention a free digital copy with every issue.

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