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Phoenix Comic Con Look-Back; The Stan and Todd Experience

Comic Booked Guest Writer 09/03/2010 Reviews

[NOTE:  Sorry for the delay on posting, the video review we wanted to redistribute with the article had technical difficulties. ]

A great day in memory was made on Sunday, May 30, 2010…

Even now, as it has been two months since Phoenix Comic Con, the memory still lives  vivid now as it was then.  The last day of Phoenix Comic Con; the day when all activities for the convention start wrapping up and people start wishing they had just one more day to revel in the madness.

It was “Pout no more, people…”.. of all the best surprises of the con, this one bought the con to an amazing last day and had even the convention management stunned and in utter glee(including Phoenix Comic Con director Matt Solberg.)

One of the final treats for this day was to catch the live panel with famed former Marvel comics artist and creator of SPAWN and HAUNT, Todd McFarlane.

Todd began his panel with covering how he made his way into the comics industry with persistance and talent.   After detailing about his younger years where he once had a shot at Baseball stardom only to end in injury, he began his journey to his other passion, comic book illustration…  Eventually, making his way into Marvel Comics to do illustration work for such titles as Spiderman and others.

While Todd went through his introspect on producing SPAWN, an announcement midway was made of an old friend deciding to stop by
and chat with him.  Through the backstage entrance this friend appeared…jaws dropped, people silently gasped, people silently rushed forward with cameras in hand…

Todd and Stan on stage at PhxCC

Who could it be?…but none other than Todd’s friend, former mentor,(not to mention, boss),  the one, the only,  Mr. Marvel Comics legend himself, Stan Lee.

Stan and Todd sharing a moment at PhxCC

Witness a part of the awesome experience as Todd and Stan talk old times and share laughs in this video…

Excelsior!! ..and enjoy!
[A hearty thanks to RJ for this awesome video to recap what we caught at the con.]

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