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Philadelphia Wizard World Prequel

Comic Booked Guest Writer 05/29/2012 ZDONOTUSE

The first day of Wizard World 2011 had the dates for Wizard World Philadelphia 2012. After taking off from work for the 2011 con, I requested off for the 2012 event right after I returned to work.  I was told to remind them when the dates got closer, so I did, in January, March, April, and yet again in May. Once I was assured I would have those days off, I purchased my Stan Lee tickets. Mind you, I was already going to the event for free. I am trying to interview the man through some sources but at the very least I want to have the pleasure of saying I met Stan Lee.

Meet the For Zombies guys at Wizard World PhillyI am also sharing this event with someone. In essence I am taking away her convention virginity. I have been going since 2007, making the 2012 event my sixth year. I think my rookie status has been abolished. This will even be the first year my best friend will have a booth with one of his loves (not beer) For Zombies. If you will be at Philadelphia, please check them out, after all they are free. Be careful, though, they may bite.

New Mutants #1 CGC 9.8I would like to eventually add a few more stops to my convention want list including Chicago, Toronto, and New Orleans to name a few and not necessarily in that order. If the person I am going with enjoys this con I just might have a partner in crime. I hope to see it through her eyes from time to time; to see it with her energy and vibrancy would be rejuvenating.

Over the past few months I have relentlessly pursued the completion of my New Mutants Collection in a CGC grade of 9.8. There are a few others that I want to purchase but am unsure if I want to start something I might never finish. I hope a week from now that many of you reading this will be reading about everything I have bought not to mention had graded. I would love to find out your thoughts about Wizard World 2012. To do this please follow me and message me @CGCLee for updates as I stand in line, buy comic books, have books graded, and meet Stan Lee.

Stan Lee will host a meet-n-greet at Wizard World Philly

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