Pendleton Ward, the creator of the hit Cartoon Network show Adventure Time, tweeted last week some exciting news for fans of the hit show, which has already spawned off several highly popular comics.

Last week, using his @BuenoTheBear handle on Twitter, Ward tweeted,

Dang.. Compy crashed while I was drawin a gif of this 3DS wavin it’s arms around announcin the Adventure Time 3DS game.

Well…. he finally got that gif finished up, and tweeted the following doodles and information about the game to his followers:

@BuenoTheBear: Here we go, a sweet sweet DS game, being made at WayForward Technologies, will come out later this year–>
Pendleton Ward's gif announcing an Adventure Time DS game.


@BuenoTheBear: To be clear y’all, it’s a DS game, it’s gonna be hot to trot like a horse.. a DS horse..
Pendleton Ward's first doodle teasing an Adventure Time DS game.


@BuenoTheBear: The Adventure Time DS game will release later this year sometime.. I’m gonna be working on it with @WayForwardTech
Pendleton Ward's second doodle teasing an Adventure Time DS game.


@BuenoTheBear: Last DS post for the night

Pendleton Ward's third doodle teasing an Adventure Time DS game.

I picked up a 3DS back in December, and thanks to backwards-compatibility, I’ll be able to play the Adventure Time DS game on it. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited to see what a game based on these guys is gonna be like. I mean, in the show, Finn and Jake play on BMO all the time. I hope the game is a mixed-up bag of throwback 8-bit platform and asteroid-like gaming like they play on the show, with newer, beautifully-rendered gaming engines. But whatever kind of game it is, I’m gonna buy it and play it till my fingers hurt.

Finn and Lady Raincorn playing games on BMO.