Saturday 29th November 2014,
Comic Booked
Old Spice Dadsong Pic
Posted On November 28, 2014

So, I happened to catch this during the game on Thursday. It isn’t anything new…but it sure is creepy. Old Spice has upped their game and has made some bold branding moves. I personally think [...]

Posted On November 28, 2014

Pax Americana is a great riff on the seminal Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons classic Watchmen, but in a far more condensed and cohesive package. It works with similar grid-like structures, offers alternative modes of storytelling, and [...]

Star Wars
Posted On November 28, 2014

Today may be Black Friday, but it is an awesome day for all of us Star Wars fans as we don’t have to fight any little old ladies for the biggest deal of the year. [...]


Film Review: Interstellar

November 14, 2014