Saturday 04th July 2015,
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Posted On July 4, 2015

Anime Midwest – Friday Fireworks!!! Friday fanfare fires-up phenomenal display of manga, anime, cosplay, steampunk, horror cosplays and more!  Since August of last year this is the most enjoyable anime con around I’ve been to! [...]

Credit goes to Comic Book Resources for the image.
Posted On June 29, 2015

Granted, that title may be exaggerated a little bit but today, CBR announced a new comic coming from BOOM! Studios by Grant Morrison and Dan Mora called Klaus. Grant Morrison describes it as “Santa Claus: [...]

Cut & Print
Posted On June 27, 2015

Cut & Print: The Edge of Jurassic World In addition to full-fledged movie reviews, comicbooked’s “Cut & Print” can incorporate any and all types of observations about films, even to the point of pondering on [...]

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