Thursday 27th November 2014,
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Secret Wars
Posted On November 26, 2014

There has been a lot of speculation of what is going to happen in the Marvel Universe next year. A lot of teasing with covers of series that have already happened, as you can see [...]


Super Smash Bros. U Review

November 26, 2014

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Review

November 25, 2014
Posted On November 15, 2014

Baturday is back and it’s starting a brand new tradition: I’ll be keeping it (for the most part) pretty spoilery from here on out, but I’ll also be giving my two cents and a review for [...]

Posted On November 14, 2014

What makes a Christopher Nolan movie so entertaining is the fact that he demands quite bit of participation from his audience. He’ll put lot of complicated ideas on the table with the belief that audience [...]