Tuesday 24th May 2016,
Comic Booked
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Posted On May 23, 2016

Welcome back to Comic Booked’s Marvel Must-Read Mondays! Today we are spotlighting the epic Marvel comics event of 2006: Civil War! And with Captain America: Civil War still crushing it at the Box Office, what better time than [...]


Sane6 Review

May 23, 2016
New Comics
Posted On May 23, 2016

Welcome back to Comic Booked for the New Comics List for May 25th 2016.  DC Comics kicks of Rebirth this week with DC Universe Rebirth #1 with a few other titles finishing their current runs [...]

Thor Ragnarok
Posted On May 20, 2016

Marvel Studios has confirmed today – May 20th 2016 – the addition of more actors to the cast list for the upcoming Thor movie, Thor: Ragnarok.  Cate Blanchett, Jeff Goldblum and Karl Urban are all now [...]

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