Monday 04th May 2015,
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Panel Prattle
Posted On May 4, 2015

Now hear this! Comicbooked‘s spoiler-filled review of Avenger’s: Age of Ultron might be as convoluted as the film itself. Actually, no. That’s not possible. “There must be some kind of way out of here, said [...]

May the Fourth
Posted On May 4, 2015

So, with Josh Trank parting with the new Star Wars spin-off, this may not be the best May the Fourth for many of you. But, there is at least one good Star Wars thing this [...]


The “Joker” Photo

April 27, 2015
Posted On April 28, 2015

Director Joss Whedon, kudos to you on your last Avengers movie!  Your ‘around’ $250,000,000 budget for this adventure was well worth over 140 minutes of fast action battles, love and death scenes, talking metal and [...]

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