Tuesday 13th October 2015,
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Posted On October 12, 2015

Comic book hero’s at online casinos The long list of comic book heroes expanding their digital presence continues as a number of characters are now appearing as stars of online casino games and pokies. Following [...]


Gotham 2.3: “Last Laugh”

October 12, 2015
New Comic Books
Posted On October 12, 2015

Welcome back to the New Comics List here at Comic Booked.  Did you enjoy the first week of the all new all different Marvel?  Well buckle up, this week seven all new all different titles [...]

New Comic Books

New Comics List for Sept 30th

September 28, 2015
New Comic Book Day

New Comics List for Sept. 23rd

September 21, 2015
Posted On October 12, 2015

Gotham Season 2.3: “Last Laugh” Two of the problems with the first season of Gotham was that some of the story-lines either ended abruptly with no real payoff that was worthy of the build-up (such [...]

Black Mass Movie Poster

Movie Review: Black Mass

October 1, 2015

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