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Own It! with Yenny- The Killing Jar

Yenny Coll 05/26/2012 Reviews

A 200+ page comic book series based on a feature length movie script written by Justin Zimmerman, a nationally recognized filmmaker and professor… How much better can I make The Killing Jar sound? Well, artist Russell Brown penciled and inked all 200+ pages of TKJ and, as per Mr. Zimmerman’s request, is giving the series’ art the appearance of a 16MM black and white film. White manna from heaven for any filmmaker, I’m sure.  But I promise it looks way better than I’m making it sound.

The Killing Jar takes place in the town of Saquache, Colorado in the Saguache County, home to Anna and her little brother Michael, children to their town’s previous sheriff who died on the line of duty. They live relatively peacefully, Anna always protecting her brother and keeping her eyes peeled for the drug runners that pass through her town with surprising ease. The story opens with drug runners Griff, Ted, and Jimmy passing through Saquache on a run of their own when Griff and Jimmy tell newcomer Ted to attack and rape a woman (none other that Anna) in order to “become a man” and take his place among them. Ted’s a major junkie, but he’s no rapist. He enters Anna’s home and tries to fake his way through this without hurting Anna, only he comes to realize that Anna, despite her noticeable limp, is a force to be reckon with and rather handy with a gun. All hell breaks loose and Anna and Ted find themselves teamed up, along with well meaning men of the law, as they try to escape the cold-hearted Griff and his legion of pistol wielding crack head zombies (there’s really no other way to describe them).

Full of action and its fair share of horror and heavy language, The Killing Jar is just as impressive and irresistible as it’s leading lady. Writer Justin Zimmerman says it best:

“Listen, if you don’t like the idea of a violent neowestern / horror book with a strong female lead, I don’t think you’ll like The Killing Jar.”

Zimmerman’s goal with this Kickstarter project is to raise enough to publish TKJ as a trade paperback of exceptional quality, but here’s the best part; you can read TKJ right now on its Facebook page, and let me tell you, it’s quite the thrill ride. TKJ is good enough to eat… But I think I’d rather own them. Pledge today on TKJ’s Kickstarter page and get your copies. You won’t regret it.

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