What do you get when you put together two New York City reporters and mayhem of mischievous monsters and maniacal meanies?

Answer: Two very disgruntled NYC reporters!

Welcome to The Adventures of Joe and Nancy, a family friendly comic about your average every day reporters facing off against werewolves, giant ants, robots, mole people, and more. Apparently, a normal day is too much to ask for, and Joe is quick with a sarcastic complaint and Nancy is even quicker to shut him up.

This first volume will feature Joe and Nancy facing off against a werewolf in a Santa costume, a giant robot wreaking havoc on the Big Apple, Nancy unwittingly falls in love with an android whose intentions are unclear, and the shocking surprise that these incidents are all somehow related!

I can already tell the relationship between this dynamic duo will be one filled with witty banter and hilarious teasing. I gotta admit that it’ll be interesting to watch these two normal New Yorkers handle and defeat the bizarre, unwanted visitors that plague the city’s streets. Its the sort of thing everyone has imagined themselves doing at one point in their lives; just like we all once wanted to be a Power Ranger and destroy aliens, we get to watch Joe and Nancy do the same in street clothes rather than colorful one-piece suits and helmets.

Pledge today on Joe and Nancy’s Kickstarter page and help writer-creator James Israelson, who admits to watching too many adventure films growing up, put this first adventure-filled comic on your bookshelves!