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I’ve always believed that the best stories have an element of fairytale in them; that’s why I enjoy The Little Mermaid as much as I enjoy X-Men vs. Avengers. But fairytales don’t have to mean beautiful princesses, handsome princes, enchanted castles, and happy endings; contrary to popular belief, that’s not what makes a fairytale. Fairytales have a message, a morale, a lesson to teach and they’re taught in the best way possible; through impossible situations and memorable characters that can be role models to audiences of all ages. That’s why fairytales and comic books alike are the best tools for feeding the imagination.

Every now and then, old-fashioned fairytales and modern comic books meet; this week’s Kickstarter spotlight will show one such example.  This particular story has a great twist, adding a third element of horror. Make way for Tony Calandra’s Ruin Nation, where little Red-Riding Hood meets cyborg zombies… Which I didn’t even know was possible! Think Little Red and the Big Bad Wolf in a Resident Evil and Terminator crossover.

Ruin Nation takes place about 1000 years from today and the world is a desolate place, its population having been virtually wiped out by a deadly virus. The only remaining shred of humanity reside in a giant metropolis along the east coast from New York to Georgia, protected by the sea on one side and a giant impregnable wall on the other. This city was and their wall were built by W.O.L.F. Corporation, where the the most powerful men and women on Earth flock to protect their surviving brothers and sisters. All hell breaks loose when the virus targets this vast metropolis, turning the infected into flesh-feeding leeches pimped out with some kick-ass tech (which is just as cool as it sounds). Our leading character is Alger Shoen, a new recruit and top underdog of W.O.L.F’s security team, led by hard-nosed General Grant. Shoen lost her family to the virus and she now strives to protect her friends and new found family at W.O.L.F. Corp.

Ruin Nation promises to be  an epic tale of survival and delicious zombie gore. And even for those of us not into The Walking Dead-esque type grotesqueness, there’s something for everyone as Ruin Nation spans across several genres. But creators Tony Calandra and Nathan Getz (whose terrific art must be applauded) can’t do it alone. Pledge here on their Kickstarter page; like always, backers for any project get some sweet deals so you won’t regret it! Put down Spider-Man #9270608305 and read something fresh and original!


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    Thanks for this awesome article!!! And yes everyone back us! Shameless plug…

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