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Yenny Coll 08/15/2012 DO NOT USE

Smart. Brave. Strong. Meet Molly Danger… And before you ask, yes, this 10 year old is very dangerous! This seemingly invincible mini Titan longs for a family of her own but is told that is something she can never have. Under the watchful eye of D.A.R.T. (Danger Action Response Team), Molly Danger battles the cybernetically enhanced beings called the Supermechs to protect the city of Coopersville. But everything changes for her when she befriends the young stepson of a newly married and recently hired D.A.R.T. employee.

Created by comic book veteran, Jamal Igle (Action Comics, Iron Man, Supergirl, Zatana, Smallville Season 11, and others), Molly has been with him for 11 years now, and Igle never gave up on his girl.  When he started on the Supergirl comic book series for DC, “….two things kept coming up. One was the lack of all ages’ material in the U.S. Comics market. The second was the lack of female heroes who weren’t an offshoot of a male hero or weren’t sexually exploitive.” That’s when Molly came back full force and Igle finally faced this massive undertaking.

I was so taken by this idea that not only did I fall in love with Molly almost instantaneously, but I was almost as quick to pledge and procure this limited edition copy of Book One (of Four) of Molly Danger. As a woman in a male dominated industry, I see that female comic book characters (superheroes or otherwise) are not quite where they should be. There’s definitely been a paradigm shift in the roles these women and young ladies take and no doubt will Molly be the bridge to another milestone crossed.

Igle is offering some great rewards for Kickstarter pledgers; yes, beside the comic book itself. You can get t-shirts, original art commissions by Igle himself, and even access to classified D.A.R.T. archives on Molly herself! This is a really ambitious project that is definitely worth a look. Back this Kickstarter today!


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