I’ll be the first to admit that I have an incomprehensible weakness for french vanilla coffee, guys with scruffy beards, and adorable pets. Danger Pug doesn’t have much of the first two but plenty of adorable pets with adorable names. And before you ask, yes I squealed with delight when I found out about this (but that’ll be our little secret).

Grrr1 of Danger PugMeet the hero of Danger Pug! Grr, an unbelievable cute pug (surprise!) with a very active imagination and an alter ego.

Not the toughest looking little guy but when times get tough this pug gets dangerous! With his favorite bone clenched tightly in his teeth he imagines himself as the tougher alter-ego Danger Pug. Adventure and comedy are about to unfold as this little guy creates fictional worlds full of fun

And here his equally cute villain of sorts Purr, who has her own ideas of adventure and a mad scientist alter ego.

As fluffy as cotton and as crazy as a squirrel, this kitten has little control over her imagination also. By imagining all sorts of creatures to make Grrr’s day complicated, this little fluff-ball always looks like the bad guy.

Kudos to the artist and creator of Danger Pug, Chris Hewitt and writer Dann Dobry. I would definitely read this to my kids as a gateway into an unhealthy addiction to comics and cute animals. Since I don’t have kids, I’ll hunt down my younger cousins and read it them instead. This Kickstarter project will fund the production of Issue #0, a 12 page introduction to Grr, Purr, and how they became so gosh darn adorable and imaginative.