Have you been to comiXology.com yet? Well, if you haven’t you should because they just added over a hundred collections of Marvel Comics titles to their already vast collection of digital comics. That’s right. Over ONE HUNDRED collections of Marvel Comics are now available through comiXology.

Now, fans looking to expand their digital collections can purchase not only new issues from the digital comics giant, but many classic storylines as well. From Secret Wars to Age Of Apocalypse to Civil War, comiXology is a comics fan dream. You can browse their hundreds of titles and read, or reread, stories that have gone down in history as some of the best. But the best part is you can access your collection on an iPhone, iPad, or Android OS device, letting you read comics whenever you’d like.

comiXology now has hundreds of Marvel Comics collections

If you get the chance… Scratch that. Make some time and head over to comiXology and browse their library of Marvel titles. They’ve also got thousands of comics from other publishers like DC Comics, Dark Horse, Image, and so many others.

It’s so great to live in the future, isn’t it.