Easy come, easy go, that’s what they say right?  Just hours after the news of his casting made the rounds on the internet, Mark Wahlberg has been caught with his pants down.  Figuratively speaking of course.  The ink probably isn’t dry on his contract, and Michael Bay is already considering tearing it up.  This comes after actor Mark Wahlberg gave a video interview to a local news outlet.  During the interview he was downright unhinged, calling out everyone he beat for the role.  In a very unprofessional spectacle, he bragged to and mocked a large segment of the working Hollywood world.  Bay may have been accused of using racist toilet humor in his live action Transformers franchise, but is reportedly outraged by Mark Wahlberg’s behavior.  Word on the street is that he wants someone of high class character to be the warm and fuzzy, friendly face of this next installment.  If you believe rumors, he’s already working up a new short list.  Wahlberg’s publicity is racing to damage control, but it may be too late.  So just how bad is it?  When asked about the process of being chosen, he addressed a number of prominent acting personalities personally, saying “I was chosen because I’m the best, who’s the best, not you, who got cast, not you.”  He also called out his agent and publicity people, accusing them of not fighting hard enough for him, and saying that he got the role all on his own.  Ironically some of the same people he pointed the finger at are now hard at work trying to save his Transformers job.  This is just the latest of puzzling occurrences to plague the production.  The decision to move on to other robot characters was met with some skepticism, as was moving on from the old human cast .  There are people who accused him of making his odd Ninja Turtles comments just to distract from Transformers, but all eyes are on the Mark Wahlberg situation now.  Here’s the video of the tirade, in which he pointed out everyone not cast in the role, consider it nsfw:

The previous post is tagged under CBH – Comic Booked Humor.  Any attempt to take it seriously will only be met with more laughter.  Much thanks to DoctorDoctorMD for making the vid.

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