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NYCC Wrap-up: Kevin Smith, 44Flood and more.

Tony Calandra 10/17/2012 Features, Reviews

This past weekend was New York Comic Con 2012.  It was full of comic book fans, TV & movie fans and cosplayers.  This four day event had it all from great signings with the likes of Adam West, Carrie Fisher and Sean Astin to amazing panels along with a chance to meet your favorite artists or writers.  Comic Booked took over NYCC with many of us attending the con for some awesome coverage.

We got some great news from interviews to panels and more!  I arrived to NYCC on Friday morning for a day of madness.  Batman #13The comic con started off for me with a bit of wandering around the show floor for a little while.  I got to see the exclusive cover for Batman #13, which sold out very quickly.  Batman #13 is one of the most anticipated comics of this year, bringing back one of the most famous villains of all; The Joker.  Hopefully you were lucky enough to purchase this exclusive cover.

After I got to travel around the show room floor I headed off for my interview with Kevin Smith and the cast from Comic Book Men, the reality show following The Walking Dead on AMC.  This was a fun round table discussion with the fellas from Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in Red Bank, NJ.  The interview session was broken up into two tables.  First up at our table was Walt Flanagan and Bryan Johnson. Walt runs The Secret Stash is filmed and Brian is one of his oldest friends who just likes to hang out in the shop and poke fun at everyone.

One of the first questions for Walt was “What do you find most intriguing about NYCC?”  Walt’s response was “Not a lot white boxes, which to me is disappointing.  Too much corporate.”  So what does Walt mean by the absent of white boxes?  He means ACTUAL comic book boxes and comic books at a comic-con, which makes sense.  Since many of these really big shows now have taken a more Hollywood style approach and putting less emphasis on comic books.  I will agree with Walt on this one, but I will say the money from TV networks and movie studios is just too hard to pass up.

Kevin SmithNext up was Kevin Smith, Ming Chen and Michael Zapcic.  Kevin Smith just started talking right as he sat down.  He touched on many different subjects from Comic Book Men to the upcoming Superman movie, The Man of Steel.  Of course, he couldn’t leave us without any dick jokes, which were quite funny.  He believes the Man of Steel will be a pretty good film.  He also stated how he believes Zack Snyder is the man for other DC properties turning to film.  With all this said he believes Comic Book Men will be a fun season for fans to watch.  So tune in to AMC following the Talking Dead at 11:30 PM EST.

So, after that hour filled of fun and laughter with Kevin Smith and the guys I planned out my game plan for the rest of the day.  It was a lot of networking and meeting some great folks.  I got to talk it up with Hoax Hunter creators about the success of their book out at Image Comics.  I got to talk to the main guys behind 44 Flood which seems to be the next big thing with the likes of Ben Templesmith and Steve Niles coming back together for a big project.  They also told me they will be sharing some big announcements very soon!  So stay tuned here at for that.  Also check out all of 44 Flood’s stuff on Kickstarter here.

I ended the day with a great panel- Drawing the line: Artist on Creator-Owned Comics. This panel featured Craig Rousseau, Eric Stephenson, Fiona Staples, Mike Norton, Nate Bellgarde, Tradd Moore and Whilce Portacio.  They all spoke about how they go about illustrating a comic book.  Many of them use references and digital tools.  Three of the artist all claimed to have used Manga Studios for inking and other line work.  A lot of them described how using digital programs like Manga Studio and Photoshop really help in the actual time in creating and finishing a comic book.  These programs just make it that much easier for these artist to finish and perfect their work.  It was a great insight to how the artist goes about creating a comic book.  They even described how long it takes them to illustrate a 24 page issue.  Many of the artist said the time can vary but it can be around one to two months for a full color issue.  Not all the artists color their own work; they have a colorist who will handle those duties.  So, all in all I learned a lot from their process from the thumbnails to the comic book I read.

And the day ends with a beer for the success of surviving this massive comic con.  Each year it keeps getting bigger and bigger.  I can’t wait to do it again!  See you all next year at NYCC for a day of madness!!!

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