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NYCC: Vertigo Comics – Visions and Some Scary Stuff

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DC’s edgy mature line, Vertigo Comics held two panels at this weekends New York Comic Con at the Jacob Javits Center.  Vertigo Visions, the first panel on Friday, focused on “the weird, the wild and the always unexpected” that is always found in Vertigo’s comics and graphic novels.  Saturday’s panel focused on the darker, scarier side of Vertigo’s line.

Vertigo editor Karen Berger lead both panels which were attended by almost all of the line’s biggest names, such as Scott Snyder (American Vampire), Brian Azzarello (Spaceman, 100 Bullets),  Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth), Chris Roberson (iZOMBIE), and Jason Aaron (Scalped).

Joining them on the panels were the creators of some of Vertigo’s upcoming series, miniseries and graphic novels that will continue to add to the line’s diversity and  award-winning content.  Among them, Douglas Rushkoff (A.D.D.) Sylvain Savoia (Marzi), Marzena Sowa (Marzi), Rebecca Guay (A Flight of Angels), Phil Jimenez (Fairest), Ryan Kelly (Saucer County), Selwyn Seyfu Hinds (Voodoo Child).

The panels covered updates on  all of Vertigo’s current titles, including The Unwritten, Scalped, Fables, iZombie, Sweet Tooth and American Vampire, as well as some new series coming up .


  • Fables  (w) Bill Willingham (a)  Mark Buckingham –  Issue 112 will be a Christmas special, and will be the first same-day digital release for the series.  Berger was happy to remind folks to stay with the original folktales characters living in the real world story, and not crappy TV versions coming this fall.
  • Sweet Tooth  (w) Jeff Lemire (a) Matt Kindt – Kindt is spelling Lemire’s art duties for a three issue arc that will reveal the cause of the world’s  mysterious killer plague. Lemire  will return to drawing the book with issue 29.  Though not sure, Lemire sees the title going about 45 issues.
  • American Vampire (w) Scott Snyder (a) Rafael Albuquerque –  writer Scott Snyder continues to move forward through American history, now reaching the 1950’s (a personal favorite period for Snyder)  The first arc is will introduce a new character, Travis Kidd,  a rockabilly punk  and vampire hunter who bites vampires back with a set of carved wooden fangs after he stakes them.  Snyder also revealed that the covers will all feature homages to 50’s style ads.
  • The Unwritten (w) Mike Carey (a) Peter Gross –  For the next 10 issues this book  begins shipping twice a month for the  “Tommy Taylor and the War of the Words” arc.   The book will be number by 1/2 intervals  beginning with number 31 in November followed two weeks later by  issue 31.5.  The Whole numbered issues will follow Tommy Taylor’s story as he fights the Cabal. While .5 numbered issues will focus on the supporting characters by a team of guest artists.
  • Scalped  (w) Jason Aaron (a) R.M. Guera  – Scalped continues towards its finale, December’s issue #56 starts a five-part story titled “Last Trail,” leading up to the final issue #60
  • iZombie (w) Chris Roberson (a) Michael Alldred –  Chris Roberson was at Saturday’s panel where he talked about what was coming up in the Aftermath of the Zombie Invasion of Eugene, OR.  FEMA is in town handing out waterbottles, while Gwen has gone into hiding.  Also love is in the air for Ellie, the ghost girl and Spot.

Among the new titles coming up in 2012 for Vertigo:

  • Fairest–  (w) Bill Willingham (a) Phil Jimenez  –  Jimenez talked about the first arc of Fairest, the upcoming Fables spin-off, focusing on the plethora of pretty princesses that inhabit the Fables community.  Jimenez will team with Willingham for the book’s first arc,which tells a tale of Ali Baba and Sleeping Beauty. The series will sport covers by Adam Hughes.  Issue one reaches stores (and digital)  in February 2012.
  • A.D.D.  (w) Douglas Rushkoff (a) Goran Sudzuka & Jose Marzan Jr. – How is the bombardment of the new media and technology effecting kids today?  Rushkoff explores this  topic, which he says he has long be interested in.  The story focuses on  group of kids raised from birth to be video game testers, and examines how ADD might not be an obstacle, but way to keep those who need to break through the stream of entertaining stimuli.
  • Saucer Country(w) Paul Cornell (a) Ryan Kelly –  “The West Wing meets The X-Files” is how writer Paul Cornell describe this new ongoing series coming this February.  It follows the story of Arcadia Alvarado, presidential candidate, and governor of New Mexico.  Right before the start of her campaign she is abducted (presumably by aliens) and that event leads her to why she needs to run for president.  And when she goes public, it causes the voters to question her sanity.
  • Voodoo Child (w) Selwyn Seyfu Hinds (a) Denys Cowan – this new series explores New Orleans in both the real world and a supernatural parallel by a pantheon of Voodoo dieties. The series follows Dominique Laveau, half-breed, outcast and heir to the Voodoo Queenship of New Orleans and prime suspect responsible of the death  of the previous Queen. Hines compared his approach on Voodoo to  how Mike Carey’s took on Christianity in Lucifer.
  • Spaceman (w) Brian Azzarello (a) Eduardo Risso –  The 100 Bullets creators reunited for this 9 issue mini-series. The first issue, which will be available the last week of October, will be offered at the special introductory price of $1 for the paper comic in stores and online for the bargin price of  99 cents.   Azzarello challenged the panel’s audience to make this book sell “better than Justice League.”
  • Marzi (w) Marzena Sowa (a) Sylvain Savoia – An autobiographical tale of Sowa’s childhood growing up in communist Poland in the 1980’s.  The story is told through a series of vignettes, each illustrated by Savoia.  This graphic novel was first published in France,  and is a book intended to appeal to readers of all ages (both rarities for the Vertigo Line).
  • Gone to Amerikay (w) Derek McCulloch (a) Colleen Doran – This graphic novel, coming out in March, follows three generations of Irish immigrants whose lives are connected by a mystery.
  • A Flight of Angels– Fantasy artist Rebecca Guay has brought together a team of creators to tell stories about angels.  The story follows a group of fairies who discover an injured angel. Set in different era’s from the distant past to present. Guay’s painted style varies to match stories, some of which are upbeat and bright and others are much darker as the fairies are divided on what to do with the angel, and argue whether he should be saved or killed.

According to DC’s blog  The Source, Vertigo’s switch to same day and date digital release for their titles schedule will be:

  • SWEET TOOTH starting with issue #26, available now
  • SPACEMAN the new mini-series by Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso will launch with issue #1 on sale Oct. 26. This exciting new series featuring award-winning talent will be available for a special price of 99 cents – a first for digital pricing that makes this series a “can’t miss” event.
  • THE UNWRITTEN beginning with #31 on sale Nov. 9
  • iZOMBIE beginning with issue #19 on sale Nov. 16
  • THE UNWRITTEN .5 issues beginning with #31.5 on sale Nov. 23
  • FABLES beginning with the special holiday issue #112 on sale Dec. 21
  • AMERICAN VAMPIRE beginning with issue #22 on sale Dec. 28
  • HELLBLAZER beginning with issue #287 on sale Jan. 18

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