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NYCC: Marvel Season One Round-Up

Simon Peter Curran 10/13/2012 Reviews

At SDCC last year Marvel Comics announced a series of graphic novels that will concern the origins and first adventures of your favourite Superheroes, we have had the Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange, Ant Man and Spider-Man amongst others. Now it is time for a new wave heroes to step up and be given the “Season One” treatment.

Those heroes were announced today as:

Thor: Featuring the creative team of writer Matthew Sturges and artist Pepe Larraz. They will join forces to bring us an epic tale from the youth of everyone’s favourite God of Thunder. Not much is known about this story as of this writing. We hope to update you soon!

Iron Man: The story will focus on the elements of Iron Man’s origin, including his change from privileged playboy to hero with a conscience. It aims to focus on the downbeat aspects of Tony Starks personality and hopes to bring to light his reasons for donning the suit. The creative team are writer Howard Chaykin and artist Gerald Parel.

Iron Man Season One Preview

Iron Man Season One Preview

Wolverine: Stormed to success in the late 70’s in the X-Men books, until being given his own series in the 80’s. Supernatural writers Ben Blacker and Ben Acker have joined forces with artist Salva Espin to bring us one of Wolverine’s most famous appearances, his first. This creative team have taken on a great challenge of recreating Wolverine’s legendary battle with Hulk and The Wendigo, and from the preview art. I think it’s safe to say we are in good hands!

wendigo wolverine

Wolverine Takes On The Wendigo

The Season One series of Graphic Novels takes the origins of our favourite characters and updates them into a more modern setting with some of the finest talent around in comics today! This wave of Marvel Season One is due to hit stores in Summer of 2013.

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